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Capital One  reviews, Capital One  complaints, read Capital One  reviews, find Capital One  reviews, Capital One  scam reports
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  • 444 complaints
  • $300,859 claimed losses
  • $678 average
  • 21692 since Dec 14, 2007

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Capital One
Main address: PO Box 30285 84130-0285 Salt Lake City UT
1-800-955-7070, ,
Capital One  reviews, Capital One  complaints, read Capital One  reviews, find Capital One  reviews, Capital One  scam reports
  • 444 complaints
  • $300,859 claimed losses
  • $678 average
Had an experience with Capital One ?
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  • 1 day ago
  • Purchase Reject
  • 2
  • 23

I'm not going to tell you that this is the first problem I have had with them, it was the last one though, that is for sure. The straw broke the camel's back this morning. I had to buy plane tickets this morning to fly up to see my mother, who I have not seen in over a year now, only to find Capital One rejecting my purchase because of, and I am NOT joking, a $1.25 shortage on my available... Read more

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  • Feb 05
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Check Issue
  • 2
  • 5

I've been as patience as anyone could ever be to such a very unprofessional company. I closed my account due to asking for a 20 dollar increase. Paid it of completely. Capital One took two months to issue I check and which was stolen and cash at another bank. I made unlimited attempts even until today and yet do I have or have receive my 99.00... Every associate was dumb. Capital One I want my... Read more

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  • Jan 15
  • Cheque Deposit
  • 10

One of our client issued cheque in the name of our employee which the employee himself went to the bank for deposit in the company business account and was not allowed by the teller and her supervisor as it was almost the closing of the bank transaction for the day. Next working day the employee went to other branch of capital one and here the teller did not allowed the cheque to be deposited by... Read more

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  • Jan 11
  • Hagerstown, Maryland
  • 2
  • 50

I have been with capital one for many years they were my first credit card andtthen they gave me an offer to bank with them. I have never over drawn my acct i always use the bill payment to pay my bills same day every two weeks and usually around the same time. This time the changed their cut off time and posted charges to my account when they knew I didn't have the money. Instead of contacting... Read more

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  • Jan 06
  • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • New Card
  • 29

After 2 weeks of going with a $0.00 balance in my checking account as the poor college student I am, they closed my account without a single email or phone call or letter. This is not the part I am upset about, I didn't know they had closed my account, and I went to the bank to get a new card because I had a temporary card because my other card never came in the mail -.- . Anyway, They told me... Read more

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  • Jan 05
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Late Charges
  • 23

4388642488783617 Montgomery I still have charges and still have charges and late charges. I have sent the bill but I think you owe what I owe. Why do I still get charges? Why not pay back? I have tired of you not folowing. I keep complaining but I still need you to stop these payments. I have spent a lot of money on charges and I am tired of it. Please sove this problem as soon as... Read more

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  • Jan 03
  • Credit Card Cancellation
  • 22

I got a capital one card and had a limit of 7500.00. I was never late with any bill payments. The card was paid on time. I called this summer to ask them about a charge I of 65,000 and if I can up the limit or send them a cheque. They told me how to do it. I advised it was for a business. This Christmas they cancelled my card without any warning. Basically it was too expensive to give me... Read more

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  • Dec 17, 2013
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Non Fee Cards
  • 1
  • 28

I cancelled this card about 4 months ago as I switched to non fee cards. Didn't receive a statement for about 3 month then suddenly, I believe $59 annual fee. Uhhh, I cancelled it! People on phone were rude (2) and pretended that there was no record of my call. I don't believe that for NY nanosecond.. Never again capital one! Never! Buyer beware! I am so tired of companies that think they can... Read more

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  • Dec 07, 2013
  • San Diego, California
  • Customer Service
  • 19

I tried to figure out how to file a formal complaint and was given misinformation by a supervisor. I spoke to another worker and a supervisor with capital one and was given different information. There is no way to verify who was telling the truth and who was fabricating the information given to me. But my compliant is against Reid employee ID jwh437 and if someone else has a complaint with this... Read more

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  • Dec 06, 2013
  • Insurance Claim
  • 42

We have been paid by our insurance company for repairs caused by a lightening strike. Check if course needs to be endorsed by capital one & returned to us to pay the contractor. They claim 2 day turn around on their instructions. They have now asked for the same paper work 3 X. Several phone calls with no named people & supervisors talking about everything but when funds Will be returned... Read more

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