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That crazy company hounds me and my husband from UT to NC to get a credit card from then. We never had one nor will we ever get one from them. But they got our info. and tells us that they may have given someone a card in our name. They want us to give them our info. or they are going to report us to the ftc and credut repirting agents. These are crasy people in Sakt Lake City, UT. I told them they are nit going to get our info. and if rhey report us we wukl reoort them to the ftc abd lawyer. We are sick and tired of scammers and people who... Read more

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I have banked with Capital One for 10 years . They cashed a check from a terminated employee who altered the check and initialed the check as me. They have a very clear policy of verifying checks but did not follow policy. Their claims dept. sent me to have the affidavit notarized for $15, then never called me. When I called them I was told the case was closed and the claim denied. When I changed Merchant Services from them, they debited my acc $1500 . When I paid off a home equity loan early , I was treated so rudely I started laughing... Read more

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Already annoyed with Cap One and I'm not officially a customer yet . Received card and then PIN code in the mail .PIN sticker was a pain to peel away so it got damaged . I called the cust assistance number . All three reps couldn't help as they didn't "have the letter in front of them" giving me dumb advice like use cooking oil. Tried to explain that the black tab came apart so what do I do? They just repeating the same thing . Now I have to wait 5 days for a new letter. PIN activation shouldn't be this annoying !!! Read more

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I recieved a message on my computer about recent charges on our card (My wife of 45 years and I), we put my wife as primary to give her some kind of credit reference in case something happened to me. I was listed on the same bill with a different number with the total bill added together. When I went to verify the charges, I had every current charge listed this billing period in order over $1500.00 dollars worth, with all the correct S/S, DOB and SCS numbers for both cards. Note: my wife was away at the time had no way to verify any... Read more

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Most of the complaints about Capital One seem to come from people who are either late with payments or miss thenm entirely, then get upset when late fees are added. Capital One has been great for me. I pay my bills by phone on time so they have no beefs about me not me about them. Try it it works! Read more

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Called Cap One to make a payment off active debit card. Have used card with Best Buy,, and many others. After dealing with a person whose understanding of the English language was minimal, finally got another individual. Stated my security code wasn't being accepted. Wasn't willing to contact anyone to question that even after I'd stated it was indeed active and had been used that day without any problem. They don't mind charging you a late fee, and, when you attempt to make a payment, they won't accept it. You can't win with... Read more

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Spoke with Valencia opw327 Concerning my security deposit refund She spoke to me as if I was asking for Loan or a hand out . Add comment this is the link of the outsorce company that i worked for several years representing capital one auto finance, i actually despise sitel and capital one with my whole soul, because this suckass *** they paid me an ridicoulous 3.47 an hour and they demanded and coerced you to have an output of 2500 usd in collections we where in the department of midstage collections and in a "nice and condescending " way you have to coerce the customer to pay, i always hated the fact that they on purpose they have 2 sites... Read more

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Do not use mortgage originator Mahmut Aydin, MBA of Capital One. He is rude, unprofessional and engages in unethical practices. He tags on extra fees and pockets your money. He tricks the customer into believing that the fees are being charged by the bank but he asks you to pay him, personally, in "CASH". This digusting Muslim man tagged on a charge of $1,500 dollars for pulling my credit reports. Then, when I was started writing a check out to the bank he stopped me and stated I must pay in cash. Why cash ?? Why, because he's putting this... Read more

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Their customer service sucks. I will never get a credit card from these people again. I tried to pay my bill on the due date. They said it won't go through until the next day. They said I would still have a late fee. Bye bye!!!!! Add comment

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