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Capital One - Make electronic payments and they do not register for 4-5 days

  • by   Dec 03, 2013
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Company Capital One
Product / Service Credit Card
Category Credit Cards
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I consistently make full payments on the card balances prior to the due date. 3 - 4 days later, when I check my credit availability, these payments are noted as being received but they are not noted in my available credit.

This has happened several times and each time a low level supervisor with zero knowledge regarding how electronic payments (EFT Electronic funds Transfer) work then proceeds to tell me there is a hold until Capital one verifies the payment.

The problem with this is that an EFT is acknowledged the next business day. Verification of this is that the funds are no longer in your bank account.

I suspect capital one is temporarily using my payment for 3-4 days prior to crediting my account with the payment. This is fraud. This also makes the label Credit Card laughable when applied to Capital One.

All the various actors who seem to have sold their soul to advertise Capital One should really reconsider. Bad choices can begin to affect their careers.

Do not apply for a Capital One card as dealing with Capital One's incompetent administration is really not worth the aggravation.

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Dec 29, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
Actually, even with EFTs it can take some time for the funds to actually be received and processed by the merchant or bank. Capital One, and most other credit card companies, reserve the absolute right to hold your funds. It may be that your account is new or returned payments in the past. Don't blame the supervisors though, because when the funds are on hold most of those in a call center can't just fix it for you, its not their fault.
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Feb 11  from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
SHUT UP! i bet you work from them you ***! Im having the same problem and no my account is not new, i make the payments before the due date and i pay it in full i dont pay the minimum and capital one pull the money out of my account the same day and when i call they tell me it has to clear?? How does it have to clear if i dont have the money in my bank account anymore because they took my money?? doesnt that mean they have the money because i sure dont have it. They are ***! NEVER SIGN UP FOR CAPTIAL ONE EVER!!!!
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Dec 12, 2013  from Winter Springs, Florida
thist is exactly what I'm going thru for last few months...make my payment full online but they have some kind of hold for 3-5 days and everytime I call them nd they say its huge amount nd its needs to clear up form my bank but they take out $$ very next day....*** holes say huge amount but its only 4500-5000 ....retarted ppl ...I make payments more than that on my amex....freaking low life small bank...ugghhhh
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