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Capital One Auto Finance

COAF has lost their *** minds. They blow your phone up from 8am to 9pm at night. When you do talk to them they are rude. I had a lady named Cathy answer when i called, and she asked why i was behind and i told her, she said well maybe you don't need unnecessary bills. Isn't there anything you can sell? As if that would be any of your business Cathy. We fell behind because my husband set it up to have half the payment withdrew from his account every other week, when he got paid on fridays. Well they were talking it out on thursday for the full amount and wondered why it was rejected. HELLO thursday is not friday. We tried to make a deal to catch it up, because everytime they made the account negative we did not have the money to pay that week. So they show up at midnight to get the truck. We would not be in this boat if you *** *** people would listen. You tried to take it out on the wrong day, and i always asked why they did. They swear they didn't. I have bank statments that say other wise *** keep you truck...i'm not giving you ***!!!!
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Capital One in Prairieville, Louisiana - Capitol One Mortgage ignores customer's needs

I have been scamed out of money thru a rescue housing plan called Hrp runned by Michael Cantrell in So. Carolina. The H.O.P.E. foundation has tried to help me with my Capitol One speak to someone to see about lowering my interest. I am seventy yrs. old and don't want to lose my home.Keep leaving msgs. describing my situation and no one from C. O. Mortgage will return a call.HOPE is aware of this problem also!Capitol One was given incentive by the Fed. Gvnmt. to help us people and they are obviously hoarding the monies and ignoring us poor ones in financial distress!Amander Henderson and Grace Fletcher have been aware of numerous ph. msgs. left by me and H.O.P.E. I am writting my senator about this situation
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Capital One refused to help in a hardhship

Capital One Auto Finance is one of the worst companies to use. They refuse to help those in need. While they were bailed out by the Government they still refuse to help those in need with legitimate documentation to prove the financial hardship. Capital One Auto Finance deserves to be shut down. We all need to ban together and go to Congress with the fact that Capital One refuses to help and thank the Government for bailing such an uncaring, spineless company out. Several requests were sent to Capital One for help while in financial hardship due to the loss of income but Capital One Auto Finance continues to call and demand money. Question Capital One Auto Finance how can you get money from someone who is in fighting for their life. Come and take the car. You continue to threaten to repo. Come and get it. Lets join together to put Capital One Auto Finance out of business. Their employees aren't on the same page with the account issues as they requests different amounts with each phone call.
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I have had the same issue. My husband lost his job in Feb.

2009 called CO they did give us a one month beak added to the back of the loan as the account has always been paid on time. Resumed payments the next month but it took all our money to stay current. In Dec. I called to ask them to refinance to lower our monthly payment they said no.

I told them to come get the car because we could not afford it. The girl was very nasty and told me that they would sell it cheap and come after us for the difference. I continued to make the payments until June, we no longer have the money to pay. We have lost our house and are living with relatives.

My husband was out of work for a year, he is back to work making 1/3 of what he was making. I did speak to one nice guy who told me what I needed to do to possibly get help, that call was followed up by a very rude, pushy, forceful girl who told me that being homeless and out of work did not qualify us to be in a hardship! If this is not a hard ship I don't know what could be. My proposal for a refinance would allow us to make a reasonable monthly payment and would have us paying another $600.00 in interest at the end of the loan.

This is a win win for them so why would they not try to help.

I do not understand their thinking. Who can we get help from?

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After booking a trip through Capital One travel services, my itineray was canceled by the air carrier because of a discontinued route. The carrier told me they returned the trip cost to Capital One right away but Capital One tells me they can't credit me for 30-60...
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I hope it is not a Capital One card. I will make it short and sweet. They were the first one to raise their interest rates. They seem to be the only one card that I had where you had better pay your bill a week ahead of time if you do not want to get hit by a late fee....
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I see there BS Commercials have started up again. They really do want whats in your wallet and that is no BS. Legal loan Sharking.

Beware and stay far away....

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Capital One in New York, New York - Miss-Applied Payments 18 Months

For 18 months Capital One Auto Finance has miss-applied my payments. I have written to them three times without a response. When it was North Fork Bank I had NO problems. Now that Capital One has taken over with their *** Vector, Image Soft, Aquire system... nothing but problems. Yet they have collectors from India calling, when i asked them if they knew what the fair debt collection act was... they do not know. I advised them I am disputing the balance and to cease calling until they correct my account.I am sure it will not be done.
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I pay over and above my monthly payments but the overage amount has been applied towards future interest. WTF?

On the back of monthly invoices it's written that additional payments will be applied towards principal.

I've called numerous times and emailed but am told by the customer service (term used here as a title not as an actuality) personnel that this is their policy. I'm pursuing a class-action suit as I'm sure I'm not the only person this has happened to.


every month seems to be a missed applied appled payment. WTF, one moth turns into every month late charges. Capital one is a rip off *** company who lies and cheat people out of there hard earned funds.

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Capital One in Los Angeles, California - Didn't acknowledge medical insurance to pay monthly payments

 I had a perfect payment status with Capital 1 until after june 2005 ! In late June 2005 I was injured & was bed ridden until October 2007 ! During the time I was in bed, I contacted Capital 1 9 times because I paid for the insurance that Capital1 offered ! Each time I called (9) times, I received a total runaround about the insurance that was charged to me on each bill, they  would not acknowledge  the fact that I had the insurance, even though is was on every billing statement ! I liked doing business with Capital 1 until this occurred, if they would have acted like they were going to apply the insurance to my bill, It would have been paid already years ago !  This is exactly why the government is mad at the banking system ! I will negotiate a payment arrangement with you for only the money I spent on the card with out any interest & when it's paid off it is to be in full & not a settlement because when I received a billing statement from Capital 1 I paid it on time in full ! Capital 1 chose to rip me off when I was down & wouldn't give me the time of day because they didn't want to acknowledge the insurance agreement ! I will send a copy to the attorney general & the news channels if Capital 1 chooses to try to rip me off again !!!!!   Sheldon Giventer    11622 Silver Lake rd sp #65
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payment protection is widely talked about on here. it's a business partner product. no a product capital one itself is responsible for. if you have problems with your payment protection you should call capital one, and ask to speak with payment protection. and i assure you they will transfer you.

now referring to you only paying the principle on the account:

on the terms and conditions set forth by capital one and you agreed to it by using your capital one card, is that unless you are paying your balance off each and every month. interest will be applied. If you don't believe me, just call capital one and ask them to send you a copy of the terms and conditions. It will be the same one they sent to you that they sent to you years ago.

Capital one is a business. if you walked into Mcdonalds and told them you were only going to be paying what they paid for the soda do you think you would be leaving with a cup?

Sheldon I ask you to take a step back and consider what you wrote above. does that sound reasonable to anyone but you? does that sound fair to anyone but you? you borrowed money. there is a fee for that.

if you don't think the juice is worth the squeeze, don't borrow the money.

I really do hope your feeling better, such a long time out of work wouldn't leave anyone in the best of circumstances. But using that card is agreeing to what the people who gave you that card said. That you would pay back that money. And if you choose to take a while to pay back that money in smaller increments that's fine. But there will be interest on that loan.

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Capital One in Tampa, Florida - Only had two credit cards they said i had three

Capital one insisted i had three of their cards at once , how do i make prove to me i had three when in fact i knoww i only had two ,a history of ewhere i signed for the alleged three whicjh i know i never had three at once , it does not even make good business sense that they would isuue three at one time , i NEED CAPITAL ONE TO PROVE TO ME i SIGNED FOR THREE BUT i CANT CONTACT ANYONE THAT CAN FORWARD ME A HISTORY OF MY SIGNATURES WHEN I SUPPOSEDLY OPENED THREE , WHIH I KNOW I DID NOT
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call the customer service number on the back of your credit card for the account you did not open. let them know you never requested that account be opened in your name and they can investigate how it was opened.

are you just confused and have multiple cards on one account?


Check your credit report to see if you have two or three


contact me with capital one numbers where i can obtain history thanks

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Capital One in Suwanee, Georgia - Captial one out of control

After reading comments, now I understand why this company is in business to rip folks off. If they cannot speak english and stationed in other countries, they want to charge outrageous fees, interest, and huge minimum payments, because they want a piece of our rock. Come on american people, get wise, no use (of card) no abuse (from them). They accept bailout money from the feds, then sell off the debt to individuals and send out collectors. They are getting rich with their abuse. In my opinion they do not deserve all they money they have frauded people out of by doing their dirty deeds. For example* if your ogininal debt was $650 and they are suing you for $1400, does it make a lot of sense?
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Every since I had file Chapter 7 back in 2004. Capital one was 1 of the creditors.

I've now learned a lot about credit cards and interest rates, FICO scores. Last year online apply for Fingerhut Freshstart Credit card and was I haven't even charge anything on my Fingerhut Freshstart credit card, because what I'm experience prior to filing Chapter 7 bk.

I really don't want any credit cards. I did wish when we pay monthly rent the landlord or utilities company would report to the 3 credit reporting agency and help build out credit scores and ratings.


Well maybe if all you losers didn't max out your card and paid your balance in full every month in this unstable economy, where you don't know if you are going to have a job tomorrow there wouldn't be this problem now would there?


Capital One sends mail to me all the time trying to get me to accept an offer. I just throw it in the recycle bin. I will never do business with them because most comments I read are from the customers they have ripped off.


What people are saying about Capital One is completely true. How they manage to stay a float is beyond my comprehension.

They are the most crooked company that has ever excisted. Entertain Tonight use to sponsor them, they no longer do. A few other shows have dropped them too.

Wonder why? Maybe because they way they are so corrupt!


I opened my bill today and found where my interest jumped double digit's. I, like you probably are, have an excellent credit rating - 780 plus on the 3 majors.

I always paid more than the minimum and had been with them for several years. We're done with them. I called and talked with a couple of their rep's and said it was due to the economy.

i will no longer recommend their services. I, too , am paying them off, writing my *** Senator, who probably is on their Board.


I opened my bill last night and they managed to more then double my apr %. I have had my card with them for several years, never missed a payment, always paid way more then the minimum every month, and have always been happy with them.

I tried calling, and spoke to 2 different people in 2 different countries and long story short, they dont really care. I told them to close the *** account then, and I just mailed a check for the balance.

They wont make another dime off me. What poor business practices.

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Capital One Should Be Capital ZERO

I have had a Capital One card for many many years. In the last 3 months they have become my worst nightmare! In Feb 2010 I did NOT receive a statement from them in the mail. I have multiple cards and need a paper trail to track them. When I received Marchs statement it said I was 1 month in arrears with a late fee attached. I called and they made me make an online payment before they would waive the late fee. Okay taken care of. In April I tried to use my Cap 1 card and it was rejected. I called then to find out why. They said that I did not pay my last months bill and it was the second time it happened so they suspended my account. Now why did I not make this statement in the mail. I called and had to make another online payment immediately as to have the late fee removed yet again. By now I have made a mental note as to what date Mays bill would be due. It is in 3 days and I just called them to ask where my statement is and of course they have NO clue. My address has not changed in 20 years, my mailman is reliable, and Im not one to misplace things. Every time I call I am assured that I will receive my next statement and I do not. I feel that I am being screwed around with and I feel that they are purposefully with holding my statements so that I will be late and they can charge me the late fees, and who knows who else they are doing this to? When you call you cant even get a person that can speak English and I have talked to many of them! Even the managers cant speak English. Capital One made a huge mistake when they outsourced their customer service to the Phillipines! Like we Americans don't need those jobs! DISGUSTING!
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My favorite trick to find out where the person I am talking to is located is to ask them what time it is. I then compare their answer with the world time chart and then I know where they are.

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