Janiqua Azx
map-marker Spring, Texas

I will never do business with Capital One again and here's why...

Below is my letter written to Capital One on January 21, 2009: Capital One Attn: Customer Relations Ref: 2 Capital One Credit Card Account #'s To whom it may concern: My name is (spit on the floor) and I have two Capital One credit cards that I've had for over 10 years. On December 23, 2008... I sent a payment in the amount of $100.00 for my Capital One Credit Card #1. The balance on the credit card at that time was $21.40 and yea... I overpaid but I've had credit balances with Capital one for awhile now. Capital One mistakenly applied my $100.00 payment to my Capital One Credit Card #2 which had a $0.00 balance. So.... there is a $100.00 credit balance on #2. Now for the "fun" part: Capital One has harassed me at home for over two weeks now with constant phone calls saying that I was past due on #1 credit card. You've threatened me with everything from ruining my credit to closing my account BECAUSE OF YOUR ERROR. I've wasted over 9 hours on the phone with you people (from a foreign country that can't EVEN speak ENGLISH) trying to get someone to listen to me. I've been ASSURED 3 TIMES NOW that you've fixed the problem and have applied my $100.00 payment to credit card #1. In the mean time... I've now received a statement for credit card #1 (it's all red and threatening and I'm soooo scared) showing a $15.00 PAST DUE FEE and a $39.00 Capital One Member Fee. I officially dispute your $15.00 PAST DUE FEE for account #1 (see attached statement copy) I officially dispute your $39.00 Capital One Member Fee as I am closing all accounts with Capital One as of this date (see attached statement copy) I officially request that you apply my $100.00 credit... mistakenly applied to #2 and apply $27.34 as payment to #1. By correcting YOUR ERROR... this will make both credit card accounts have a $0.00 balance. I officially request that you refund me the credit balance of $72.66 immediately. I officially request that you close account #1 immediately. I officially request that you close account #2 immediately. You've lost a long standing and loyal customer because of your extremely poor and rude customer service, very bad record keeping and because you are wasting my time. Sincerely, Me ************ I'm just waiting for Capital One to screw with me one more time. I'll bring them before every courthouse in this country if I have to and I'll do it by myself if nobody will fight back with me. I'm sick of these rip off, *** artist, loan shark liars and we don't have to take it anymore!
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Try keeping up with your promise and pay to get your car back at an auction in the next state. :cry

2paymnets and xxx amount of miles.


Capital One continues to screw up!

They've now sent me a letter saying "Great News" We credited your account with $15.23 for the late charge and interest on account #1. They've also sent me a refund check for $61.00 for account #2.

Problem with this is:

On February 2, 2009 they charged BOTH accounts with a $39.00 membership fee even though I closed both accounts on January 21, 2009 and I have proof that they received the letter.

I was very detailed in my letter... asking them to credit the $100.00 to the proper account. Instead they've refunded only $61.00 on account #2 because they charged their $39.00 membership fee on that account. Capital One has not credited anything except the late charge on account #1 and also charged a membership fee of $39.00 on account #1.

Both accounts are STILL open!

That's the game here... they get your accounts all screwed up... they charge you late fees and membership fees and refuse to close the accounts!

Just imagine how much money they're getting from all of us that have accounts with them!

I've talked to an attorney and will proceed as planned.

I don't have time for this but I will fight the battle with this ***, rip-off company.

Capital One is horrible! Don't do business with Capital One or you will regret it one day!


So now Capital One has sent two apology letters... one for each credit card account. The apology letters are dated the same day as two of the phone calls that accomplished NOTHING.

We still haven't heard back from them in writing but that may take 30-90 days or longer with their proven track record.

We've researched all options and are preparing the next round of letters to the proper authorities.

I can't believe how many complaints there are about Capital One.

Everyone we know will be closing their accounts with Capital One...credit cards and banking.

Hopefully this trend will continue.

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gotto L
map-marker Denver, Colorado

Capital One Rip off

Scamers who can legally rape the us people and get away with it!! they jack there rates and move payments into the red so they can scam money from people so the can pay there CEOs millions. I was scamed starting at $5.00 that they jacked up to $1200.00. Why does USA laws let this company rip us off? They should be fired!!Ran out of this country, so there bank in other countries cant force US tax payers to pay up on false bills.Let us stop the bail outs to these rip off banks and jail the COE of this company, stand up US and fight this company run them out of this world close there doors. This is why so many are out of work--scams like this is black mail to give CEO there jets and keep working people in debt. when will it end? There a big company --that is allowed to ruin lives as our gov sets back and does nothing--call them --no one can speak english there
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Man I bet you sucks *** for a living. No wonder your such a broke loser all the time, cuz broke losers who suck *** for a living can't pay their credit card debts.

But I'm a real man, and I make tons of money and I'm obviously much smarter than you. I probably bang your wife while you're off getting upside down in credit card debt, cuz your so *** and I'm so smart. And well hung.

Well, loser, better go to work so you can pay off your retard debt. I think I'll bang your wife tonight. With my huge ***.

map-marker Abilene, Texas

Capital One Credit card rip off

Don't, and I mean don't let your 18-20 year old kids sign on to a capital one credit card. Exorbitant interest rates and $39.00 fee for any amount over their limit. This is legalized loansharking and should be stopped! This company needs to be stopped and should be put out of business. Profits are one thing , preying on the young and uneducated is despicable. Capital one is definately not a company I would recommend to anyone. Rates of 24% and $39.00 a month over limit fee, does not allow any kid paying low and or minimum payments to ever see daylight again.
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This is a repost that I am posting on every Cap one post in hopes that no one will give this company the time of day.

Had our account for 11 years.

NEVER a late payment and always a good customer. We got a "change of terms" in the mail stating that our interest rate was going from 10.5% to 17.99%!!! I called and asked them why and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to a person I could not understand and only told me that it was stated on my change of terms mail why. No it wasn't I said.

They finally told me that it was because of my account activity. I asked what exactly they meant because I have an excellent record with them. She told me she couldn't say why. I closed my account.

No more credit cards for us. If anyone is thinking of getting a new credit card right now, please think it through and don't forget to read any fine print.


Capital One gave me a crdit card with a limit of $300 I had to pay $50 for it, then$39 activiation fee.I had the card for 2 months then all the fees and over limit charges, I couldnt pay it. They sued me and got $2,500 all this for a grand total of $210 they actualy fronted out.


AMEN! Not only that, your payment must be RECEIVED on the DUE DATE, by a CERTAIN TIME ON THE DUE DATE.

If they decide to process your payment one second past this time, you get the $39.00 Fee.

This isn's fair either. The cutoff time should be midnight on the due date, not in the middle of the day.

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map-marker Atlanta, Georgia


I HAD a credit card through this "company." A $250 limit. Just to build my credit. Well, HUGE mistake. I closed this credit card account in June 2007, asked for a letter stating that the account had a $0.00 balance and it will be closed after their standard 3 month time period, and the same day, cut up the credit card. Well, I get a call from collections stating that I owe CapOne over $200!!!! Why? Cause CapOne accepted a charge that I never did in NOVEMBER!!! Wasn't the account supposed to be closed by SEPTEMBER?????? I faxed the letter 4 times and they say that they never received it. IT"S A *** SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had the exact same thing happen to me. I had (past tense) a Capital One card, had the balance paid off and had the account closed. Now they are trying to bill me for money I don't even owe.


sally what a *** you are


Oh well, too bad. Now pay your debt.

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map-marker Houston, Texas

Capital One Auto Finance

This company has FDCPA violations galore!! They are still violating consumer/customer rights. Verbal agreements mean nothing to these people. Now they have subcontracted their phone calling out to another country and I cannot understand one word these people are saying and they have no idea of the facts surrounding this loan. They call anywhere from 2-3 minutes apart AND claim that since they are in another country that our laws here in the U.S. do not apply to them. Our car payment was deferred for 6 months due to Hurricane Ike. NOW the people who call from India and the Phillipines, etc., have no idea of what a hurricane is or about damages from. Capital One has subcontracted them to collect monies regardless of what way they have to do it and have most likely subcontacted them for pennies on the dollar. I have told them the same thing (per verbal agreement) over and over and over but they see nothing except what Capital One wants them to see. We, the consumer are the ones who are ending up among the Capital One "throw aways" Capital One Auto Finance is the very worst auto finance in the United States and why they have not been investigated for federal violations is beyond me. They have plenty to go around many times over. From now on I will be recording each and every call that comes to my home and the time of day these people call will be double logged in. What greed the CEO's of this company must have!!! I hope I live to see the day Capital One Auto Finance and their "Mickey Moue" credit card company goes down and their CEO's with it!! They call and harrass people so much they put people at a breaking point. My husband and I are not in good health and this harrassment has not helped our situation. We have no peace inside our own home due to these people and their constant calling. Each time we get calls that are 3-4 minutes apart that breaks any peace we may try to have. These people will not stop. Last night I had 3 calls within 5 minutes. The total for the day was 25. Fron here I will turn them into the Federal Trade Comission, Texas Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, U.S. Attorney General's office and will ask that federal charges be filed against them for FDCPA violations. THIS SO-CALLED COMPANY HAS TO BE STOPPED AND IT WILL TAKE THE PEOPLE WHOSE RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED TO DO IT!!
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I have been a customer of theirs for 2 yrs with my auto loan, I havent had any problem with them. When i call for somethin their always willin to help.

But on the other hand i have always managed to pay my loan somehow and i can understand how stressful these banks can be in order to collect their money. I had a volutary owner give up on a vehicle which caught fire.

needless to say the bank is still wanting their money for the full loan amount even though it was almost paid for. So do want you can and nothin more and notin less and everything will eventually wrk out.


Even though the car has been paid off, I have yet to recevie a title. I need the title so that my son can get the car in his name.

The car belongs to him not me.I need to get the car off of my insurance.

:sigh :? :(


I agree with everyone comments. Capitolone is the worst lender in the US to get financing.

They do not do anything to help there customers stay on the right track. Its like they want you to fall behind and never want to grant any extensions. I would never recommend anyone to use CapitolOne for auto financing. It's so easy for the car dealer to get you financed but it is a nightmare when you try to get any type of assistance and with the economy the way it is you would think they would like to help everyone.

NOT!!!! They only care about money and not your situation and what you may be going through right now.

:? :(


Any updates with your situation since you posted this?

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Kobey Red
map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Capital one--rips off the consumer

terrible company--been ripping off consumers for years--taking tarp money and victimizing the consumers--they work with a bunch of shady lawyers that will take a small debt and run it up to thousand of dollars very quickly--in late fees etc--then take you to small claims court and get a judgement and attach wages and your bank account--they are thieves- when they take you to court the shady lawyer says he wants 60% of an outrageous amount to clear the debt before the hearing---when you say no he says you dont know what life is about--really --i thought it was about being fair and honest----maybe i missed something along the way---they are like mafia---consumers come forth and put this company to account for their fraud--they belong in jail--they use district justices which may be on their payroll to create this crime against innocent comsumers--lets put a stop to this--i am going to start a web sit based on helping the consumer--lets stop complainging and do someting about it--we the people have the power--hey that reminds me-"WE THE PEOPLE"--did i hear that somewhere before--america lets roll!!! and take our rights back--dont let people say you dont know and have to listen to us or else--tell them perhaps "you" are wrong and "we are the people"--thanks for reading--rick
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Beware when there collection office calls you, it's not in the United States. You are really speaking with someone in India.

I will pay my bill, but then I'm not doing business with them anymore, it's the only thing they understand. Not only this, when you call the 800 number on the back of your card, even though the number my be in the US, it will transfer you to their office in India or the Phillipines. That's not right either.

I encourage all Capital One customers to pay off their cards, cancel them, and do business elsewhere. If they don't get our money, they will get the message.

Carrie B Wyo
map-marker Hammond, Louisiana

Capital one bank

capital one has the worst web site. every few days the web page will not load up or there is some issue with it. i have contacted the banks main branch and they refuse to believe there is a problem. but i can go to all other web sites fine. capital one says it has to be my computer or my connection. but when i go to library and try to access capital one it has same issue. but they refuse to fix or admit there is a problem. the real problem is the don't care about the consumer.
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I have never had a problem with Capital One's website. I have credit cards with 4 different banks, and I find Cap One's site to be the easiest and most convenient one to access and make an online payment.

sondra v Zre
map-marker Trumbull, Connecticut

Capital one auto finace

i got a car from 1800 bar none capital one auto finace is the bank im a little behind only 2 payments they call all the time i sent them some money but they keep calling if you pick up noones there if your not home they dont leave messages and on the off chance that someone is there when you pick up 9 time out of 10 its a recording if you do get someone they keep asking how much are you going to send i try to explain that i have to see how much my check is i dont know they get snotty ive never not paid if i get behind i catch up but the keep harrassing me or threaten to take my car im close to paying it off i oew only 9000
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map-marker San Diego, California

Minimum payment doesn't even cover interest, balance only increasing.

The minimum payment of this loan prohibits me from ever paying it off. The amount of interest associated with this loan is criminal and is in aline with organized crime. I can't really see the difference. I attempted to negociate a way to pay this loan off with their customer service representatives with no avail whatsoever. All that was said that we can't help you and the interest rate is fixed. The criminal amount of interest prohibits me from ever paying the loan off. Therefore can't see the reason for paying anything. I really don't see any difference in this practice with that of a ponzi scheme, or Bernie Madoff stuff. It would be nice if these guys would work with me to pay off this loan, it looks like they'd rather break my legs than work with me on it.
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How can these people continue to overcharge interest on paying customers AND keep all the $uc!ng $ ---our tax dollars that were given to them???? What is wrong with this picture??!!

They should all be tried for organized crime, thats what it is!!!


Credit card interest rates are astronomical. I just got done paying all of mine off, which was a heck of a trick.

total between 2 cards was $8500. The interest rate on both were 26.99%.

Whenever I see someone say "they just want money" I first think "no *** kung foo of course they do, they're a business". I'm tired of seeing people so put off and surprised that a company, A COMPANY, wants nothing but money.

If you want sympathy, look in the dictionary between *** and syphilis. Make bigger payments than the minimum or don't charge anything you can't repay, it's simple.


Did you bother to read the fine print before closing the deal?? It's buyer beware!

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Sharea Ddu
map-marker Eufaula, Alabama

Knoc off time on Friday

I called Asset Acceptance because I received a letter stating that I owed a credit card, I have never had a credit card. When I called in I was very rudely hung up on before I was finished speaking, I called back and asked for the manager and the gentleman I was speaking with said "OH GOD MAN TAKE CARE OF THIS!" I was then put on the phone with the "manager" who was equally as rude. She informed me it was their closing time and I was their last call. I expect the same respect at 7:00pm as 8:00am, she did not seem to agree and hung up on me. I am a victim of fraud and I need the correct information as to what I need to do. I do not need to be told to file a police report on a matter that is over five years old. I am very PISSED and I will pursue this further with my lawyer and that little lady and gentleman's supervisor.
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Taariq Dpp
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Capital One Credit Cards

I have used 2 Capital One Credit Cards for over 10 years. I have always paid on time and at least twice the minimum due. I have an excellent credit rating as well. I have now recieved a letter informing me that my interest rate is going up due to the economy. I find this to be totally unacceptable. Why should I be punished for being a upstanding customer? I will no longer be using these cards, and will pay them off in full in a short amount of time and cancel the accounts. It is not my responsibility to bail out this conpany.
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Hey, you aren't the only one. Had our account for 11 years.

NEVER a late payment and always a good customer. We got a "change of terms" in the mail stating that our interest rate was going from 10.5% to 17.99%!!! I called and asked them why and after waiting 20 minutes on hold I got to speak to a person I could not understand and only told me that it was stated on my change of terms mail why. No it wasn't I said.

They finally told me that it was because of my account activity. I asked what exactly they meant because I have an excellent record with them. She told me she couldn't say why. I closed my account.

No more credit cards for us. If anyone is thinking of getting a new credit card right now, please think it through and don't forget to read any fine print.


it is not our responsibility to bail out the company but it looks like our tax money already did, now they are stickin it to us, well i got a little somethin for them , a little message if you will


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map-marker Park River, North Dakota

10 year customer and they more than doubled my rates!!

I got a notice from capital one today stating they were changing the terms of my agreement. Normally I would throw these away and think that it must be something with the privacy policy. This time I actually read the enclosure. They state that due to "extraordinary changes in the economic environment", they have decided that they are going to double my rates..... from a rate of 6.01% APR to 15.9% APR effective February 2010. While it's really nice that they gave me advance notice of the fleecing that I am going to get, I think it's completely ridiculous that they would ask a 10 year customer to even consider a rate increase of that magnitude. It's not worth calling to complain...I was simply told that they would make a "note of my dissatisfaction on my account". Now, I just need to remember to call and cancel my card before the start of next year.
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everyone needs to can capital one cards get a better one or none at all show them we dont need there card shove it where sun dont shine


Same thing here. They told me mine would go up to 17.9% variable.

Who in their right mind would agree to a rate twice what it was. I told them to take a flying leap and hope everyone else follows suit!


Web Site: Office Of the Comptroller of the Currency and file a compliant or write to their Customer Assistant Group, 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450, Houston TX 77010. Got the letter today, never had late payments on any bills and FICO in the 750s.

Capital One web site today advertises new cards with int rates of about 9% on select cards for new customers. Interesting aye.


I had 2 cards with them, 9 years, not one missed or late payment. One cars went from 6% to 15.9 and the other went from 15% to 29.4%.

I opted out.

These thieves took 3 billion in tax payers money, and then they want more, and now they are getting Billions from their card holders-Where is our "We want to help you Government" now? How can they allow this to happen?


I received the same notice about interest rate increase from my current fixed rate to a variable rate of 15+%. I've never been late on a payment.

If I refuse the change then Capital One will cancel my card. What I have to say to this change is hey, hey, hey good bye Capital One!!!


I received the same notice about interest rate increase from my curent fixed rate to a variable rate of 15+%. I've never been late on a payment.

If I refuse the change then Capital One will cancel my card. What I have to say to this change is hey, hey, hey good bye Capital One!!!

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Terry E Tkb
map-marker Rochester, Michigan

Capital One is just greedy

Well after being a customer for 9 years with never missing a payment or being late, this company sent me a letter stating that they are raising my interest rate from 6 percent to 16.5 percent because of the economic situation. I called and talked to their $3.00 a day/very poor speaking Indian woman who could not believe that I would even question this move on Capital One's part. She tried to explain that this was not personal and that I should be honored that my 750 credit score should be included with those that have a 400 score and have not paid their bills on time. I was then transferred to a senior account person who again apologized that I was unhappy and that this was nothing personal, and after I asked her what Capital One did with those billions of dollars that they got from good ol Uncle sam this professional Capital One person hung up on me I cancelled my account and Capital One lost a good paying 9 year customer, so can some one please tell me how this made any sense on their part, to jack around a good customer so they lose that customer and thus they make nothing off that 9 year customer? How does that make any sense?
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You have to look at it from the Credit Card Company's perspective.

You are considered a dead beat by the credit card companies if you pay your credit card in full at the end on the month. They don't make any money from you.

Credit card companies are looking to form a long term (preferably forever)parasitic relationship with their customers. This can't be done with deadbeat customers who pay off at the end of the month.

Also, It might help to remember that there is more than one definition of service in the dictionary. The one that the credit card companies seem to be using today is the farmer's definition.

The farmers definition of service usually involves bring over the neighbor's bull to service his cows!

map-marker New York, New York

Capital One Credit Card Ripoff!

I've had a Capital One Credit Card on and off for about 9 years. I've just now noticed they often conveniently forget to send a bill. I am a busy person and don't always remember when each of my bills are due, and I pay them as I get them. (never late) They than charge me a late fee. I thought it was me. Perhaps my I misplaced it? NO! It is only Capital One. I never have this problem with my other bills. I finally confronted Capital One. They didn't deny this and instead told me that it is still my obligation to pay on time, even if the bill does not make it to my mailbox. That is true. So in order to gaurantee my Capital one payment is never late again, I'm cutting up this card and sending the pieces back to them.
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This company as criminal and shoddy as they are, offers an online payment reminder that they send out at the end of the billing cycle.

It shows up as an email so if you have a computer you can get your invoice this way.

I get mine this way every month and it is reliable. The crooks at capital one like this method too because they save thousands of dollars on paper and postage-And you know anything to help them pay their CEO millions of Bonus dollars more they like.

And who knows, they can give the $3.00 a day Indian woman another 5 cent raise with the rest of the savings

roberteruk H
map-marker London, England

Capital One Harassment of OAP 68 Years Old

In Oct of 2006 I paid of capital one with a Cheque and a letter to end my account with them, That was the last statement ever received from capital one, early this year I see they never canceled my direct debit and had taken over £500 out of my account, and now sending me Default charges of £12 to a debt that they cannot prove exists, I ask for prove of account and why they never sent statements since October 2006 all l get is excuses to why thy cannot, send them, all I need is prove of a account, Think before dealing with Capital one
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I have a a capitol one businness card for years all of a sudden my balance went from under 200.00 to over nine they said I was past due and had over the limit charges and late fee which ran it up. Which was not the case.

I canceled the card and paid the balance I knew I owed they continue to harass me and even with the card canceled the balance continues to grow. Think twice my friend about what's in your wallet

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