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Capital One in Abilene, Texas - Harassing phone calls

Over the space of 36 hours, Capital One has called me 10 times with 5 of them being after I told them to discontinue calling me. I do not have an account with them and was told that they it could take 24-72 hours before I would be removed from their list and that a computer calls me. If a computer is calling, then it shouldn't take 72 hours to remove my name from their list. Also, I am on the DNC list and shouldn't have been receiving calls from them in the first place. This is total harassment and companies shouldn't be able to continually call noncustomers!!!
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if your on the do-not call list report them

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You ppl dont know what goes on in the inside of capital one!!

All of you sound so ignorant. Some of you I dont know abt your situation bacuase I cant see your acct info. But many of you that are complaining about your interest rate hiking up or your membership fees dont understand at all!!! The rates were increased because the economy and yes great customers were affected by it and they are in the process of getting lower rates again!! They are conservative lenders and you say why would they give money to ppl that wouldnt pay back? BECAUSE AT THE TIME THEY CHECK THEIR CREDIT THEY ARE IN GOOD ENOUGH SHAPE!!!! THEY DONT KNOW WHEN THE ECONOMY IS GOING TO CRASH!! Those of you that think that the government bailed out capital one are right/wrong...yes they did loan money but shortly after that capital one paid every penny back!! Those of you that state you did not recieve letters are lying. They sent letters to everyone affected you were most likly to busy with your personal life and threw it out as junk mail. Dont play dumb! Yes the rates were increased before the new laws took place but they sent letters and gave extentions on calling to decline the change in terms! you didnt pay attention!!!those of you at 23.15-29.4% apr are for having 2 or more late or no payments recieved..and you try yelling at the reps. Thats not their fault its yours we cant force you to make your payments!! You are hit by the economy? are you going to pay your mortgage, electricity, gas, water? or your credit card? thats what I thought all your utilitys because they can be shut off or taken from you and your card cant!! thats why everything went crazy at capital one. You think changing to another card it going to help? credit card companies are all the same you get a low rate when you start then it increases if they have problems they change things then what are you going to do yell at them and change to another company? Membership fees are billed to the acct for a reason! you call to have them removed, yes they may be able to and they may not. You cant get mad because they cant waive it you agreed to having the fee when you opened the acct. waiving the fee is a courtesy of capital one!!! And please dont call complaining about your minimum payments going up thats because of the new laws so in the end it can save consumers money! You all only think about you you you at that second you dont think about what will help you in the future, or are so angry and dont take the time to think about why they raised rates add membership fees, and make all these changes to your acct. they notify you of any changes to your acct!! you cant get mad if they send it. it either got lost in mail, you threw it, or you didnt update your address when you moved!!how are they suppose to know you moved? aaahhh...there is so much you people dont understand...keep in mind also that the representatives that you talk to didnt do this to you so dont take it out on them!! I have many ways to help you use your card to your advantage and so do the reps. If you listen to them sometimes and I will not explain on here but they give you hints sometimes of how they can help without actually telling you..and you have to catch on because they cant just tell you some things but they can reword it and if you catch on then it can be discussed. Not trying to be rude just trying to help you all better understand..Sorry if i upset any of you.
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I got a letter. my rate went from 16% to 23%.

I called they said they could drop it back to 17% for 7 months. always paid on time never late. temporary rate = temporary costumer.

Account now closed. Hows that for your companys economy?


As a former Capital One Bank employee- I know how everything goes on.


I've had nothing but grief and harassment from Capital One...I have repeatedly told them i lost my job, (I'm a single mom)I had been paying a protection plan and they have Never started it ..ITS USELESS!!...I get harassing phone calls, I have emailed them dozen of times, called them, asked for a supervisor numerous times, always gotten someone who could not speak english worth a ***...they need be held accountable for the malicious practices to their customers!


I was a customer for about 10 years with perfect credit. My int rate went from 7.9 to 17.9 overnight.

I asked why and they said the economy. Funny how they had all those commercials on TV about others high interest rates. All my other cards are below 10%.

They said they mailed me a letter but I never received the letter. They are the DEVIL


Capitalone101, stop pretending you're not an agent for Capital One. And please, if you're going to stand up for Capital One's policies, correct your grammar and try to at least sound somewhat intelligent.


Capital One sucks. Point blank.

i can careless bout the fees or anything else but when they don't give me my money that I worked so hard for... we have a problem then.


Sounds like capital101 is the only one that thinks they are okay to deal with. They are never helpful and won't bend any of their rules.

They got bailed out by government but will not even *** late fee when I offered to pay loan in full minus the late fees. GREED.

What's up with them getting help and not being fair to those of us that are having problems. Government hasn't given me anything to bail me out of my finical problems.


I don't work for Capital one. I am a customer.

I was on the phone with a rep n I use to be like all of you, but after they sat on the phone with me for awhile and explained everything to me I understood their reasons. I know that some of you have had bad experiences..thats with all companies!

I have had bad customer service with other companies..luckily Capital one has been great to me! Hopefully they can fix everything for you chatman22.....Cus I know they resolved all of my concerns.


Your reps give out wrong information, they are so unknowledgeable. I was never late on my bill and because one of your reps gave me bad info, I am now delinquent.

She so called put me in a program that was so not true!!! Your reps are the ones who are ignorant.

I asked your manager to listen to the call so you can accept responsibility, but she said she can't and pretty much too bad for me. You guys are the DEVIL!!!!!!


Your reps give out wrong information, they are so unknowledgeable. I was never late on my bill and because one of your reps gave me bad info, I am not delinquent.

She so called put me in a program that was so not true!!! Your reps are the ones who are ignorant.

I asked your manager to listen to the call so you can accept responsibility, but she said she can't and pretty much too bad for me. You guys are the DEVIL!!!!!!


Your reps give out wrong information, they are so unknowledgeale. I was never late on my bill and becasue one of your reps gave me bad info, I am not delinquite.

She so called put me in a program, that was so not true!!! Your reps are the one's who are ignorant.

I asked your manager to listen to the call so you can accept responsibility, but she said she can't and pretty much too bad for me. You guys are the DEVIL!!!!!!


capital one blame it on the economy the goverment gave billions to loan out on cars you or the devil to so many people as the worst bank ever dealt with i hope that one of these civil lawsuits go through i know you think the government will always protect dishonest banks i hope times or changing




The fee was most likly assessed because they went through credit history again and either credit had something on it or not built up enough credit. Many of us were affected by monthly or annual fees.

Those fees are starting to be charged on many accounts..and they cover all the benefits we have on our cards ( which if you are not aware of you might want to call and ask cus they save you money on a few different things) also other companies charge little fees through the whole year for different things and capitalone charges a memberfee to cover all other costs. It cost more for matienence on accounts now and with the economy and the conditions it is in is also a factor why there is an member fee on yours as well as many others accounts.

and keep in mind switching cards may or may not help you. you may be able to get another without a fee but they may also have a change in terms down the road as capital one has now with the member fees.


So I just want to know why is capital one starting to charge a montly fee. And what is this fee going to? I have never had a mothly fee before and now I do.

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Capital One in Las Vegas, Nevada - Auto loan

I have loan through capital one. I needed a extinction they said I could have one for a month. But now I am not eligible for it. They are always rude. They don't care about their customers. I would like to talk to a higher up person. I get hung up on to. The car I have is a 2004 Nissan altima. I got behind before for emergency reasons, but I got it all caught up even. All I wanted was a month. I also asked them if they had loan modification and they said no. That's where they give you a few months of half pymts
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Wow, first you need to learn how to spell, extinction??

No creditor is required to extend you any payments and none offer modifications on Auto loans. Best thing to do would be to borrow money from a family member to catch up.

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Capital One Committed Fraud and will not own up to it.

I have an upside down mortgage with capital one. I have tried for 2 years to be proactive and fix this. I have written letters, spoke to attorney's, called the bank upteen times, visited branches etc. Currently I hold a mortgage that is over $500,000. I had a forensic audit done on my appraised used in 2007 to fund my loan. This appraisal was fraudulent. Square footage was made up. All comps were fraudulent etc... Capital one's underwriting department failed to flag this prior to funding the loan. I went to re-fiance my home and uncovered all this information which I had documented per forensic audit. Capital one refuses to work with me. They refuse to connect me with anyone at the bank other than a customer service representive to fix this issue. A national bank committed FRAUD and is getting away with it. How is this possible. Please HELP!
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Capital One Visa not honoring travel points

Here is what I wrote to the company: Wow, you guys really disappointed my husband and I, and we are definitely telling a lot of friends and family about our complaint. I called about our reward points today and spoke to a supervisor, Lisa, and of course got nowhere. My husband and I have been planning a special trip to Spain and decided to go business class if we could find a good fair. He called the rewards center and was told that we just purchase our tickets and then we would be credited $2400 towards our flights. Well we found a really good business fare (still a lot for us) and before he bought the tickets he called the rewards center again to make sure that we would get a rebate. So, we bought the tickets and then found out that because the ticket was $2700 and the rewards were only worth $2400 they would not apply. This was buried in the small print. OK, our bad for not reading the small print…but really? What difference is it to Capitol one if they send us $2400 for two cheaper tickets or a credit towards a more expensive one? Bottom line is that you just don't want to honor your commitment to us. We have been building these points for years and feel very betrayed that we can't use them when we want to. As usual, a business makes a commitment to lure customers in and then do anything they can to not honor that commitment.
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Capital One - LIES!

My husband and I have fallen victim to the failing economy and have lost our jobs. Unfortunately, we had fallen behind in our payments. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the collection calls to start. Not only were most of the operators from another country, but most were almost impossible to understand or talk to. We were able to come into some money, making it possible to catch our accounts up and in, what I was told was, good standings. Not only did they graciosly accept a large payment but proceded to lie, telling me that our accounts were current, under any limits and usable. Imagine my surprise when I find our credit has been revoked, and was told by management that it cannot be reversed. ***! if I had known that I cetainly wouldn't have una$$ed the money to catch those accounts up, I would have and could have used it more wisely elsewhere. Capital One is a joke at best. NEVER AGAIN will I trust this company about anything! ! ! Don't let 'em fool (lie to) you too.
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Good lord people.....Capital One is not the enemy. Because they wont take it in the shorts for you when you have fallen on hard times that makes them bad??? Here is a great thought to live by....if you cant afford to pay for it cash.....DONT CHARGE IT!!


I had a credit card for over 10 years and the first time that I was late on a payment, due to my husband being unemployed for over a year, they raised everything. I have worked hard for 9 months trying to catch up and the collections agency told me that they would help me with the interest rate and now they say that there is no help.

Tough, just continue to pay the huge interest rates and get no where on your principal. Who will help with this company.


Capital One is a corrupt organization! They got TARP MONEY from the goverment and they treat their custmers like ship!! They should be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!


Capitol One are useless to talk to...they need to have reps. that speak English..I've tried calling some "NO Speaking English" person, could not understand them..they knew of my job loss,, at the time it happened and again over the year, "payment protection "??

MY ***!!!! we are paying for a useless option!!!!


I lost my job earlier this year and it didn't take long to fall behind in payments, all credit cards except for capital one card my wife has. we had worked out an arrangement, they told us the payments were due on the 15'th of the month, the problem is their statements said 9'th, they got their money, but not by the 9'th and they decided to turn the matter over to collection, they refuse to talk to my wife, they just transfer her over to the collection agency (Global) and they refuse to work with us. wanting 4 times the previously arranged payments

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I called capital one to complain about the 59.00 membership fee. I requested that the fee be dropped or i would close the account. They insisted there was nothing they could do so i told them to close the account and return my membership fee. They tolld me that it was...
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you: If the account is expired why do you keep charging membership fee's I must not be a member if my account is expired.

you: I know my golf resort doesn't change me membership if my account is expired...

you: because I don't get the service of the card, to be charged a membership fee.

Lee: I understand what you mean but let me also tell you that this fee is due even if you do not use your card.

you: It's not about using the card, it's about the ability to use the service...

you: I do not have the ability to use the card, it was refused when I went to get gas today...

you: you said the account was expired.

you: Lee: But I see that your account now is expired. You can certainly request a replacement card by calling our toll free customer service number.

Lee: Yes, that's right. You account is expired but not closed.

Lee: Unless your account is closed the membership fee will still be charge.

you: so the membership fee is charged even if I don't have the right to use the card???

you: good to see that membership has it's privilages...

Lee: The membership fee will be charge although you do not use your card.

you: Then can I turn my card into a VentureOne card... at $59 a year I at least get milage for using it...

Lee: I'm sorry we do not have an upgrade offer on the account at this time.

you: You can't do anything with the account - like me - because its expired but not closed so you can continue to change me a fee for a card I can't use...

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Capital One in Tampa, Florida - Burnt by Midland

I had a Capital One credit card. They sent me another cardit card. I thought that it was a renwal card. The put a hold on the card that i was using for none payment. When i called Capital One and explained it to them i was told that they would put the 2 cards together. That never happened. So i stopped paying the bill. Midland funding seued me for the entire palance of the bill in 2007. Midland said that they were repersenting Capital One. The judge asked me if i owed the bill i told him that i did owe Capital One. I also told the Judge about the other account number and we decieded to roll both into the judgement.I had to supply Midland with the account information because they didn't have it. When i called Midland after the court hearing to setup payments they said that they had to charge me 21% intrest on the total balance. After the judgement had alleady been set for 11%. So i refused to pay. Three years later the garnish my pay. Whent to court to stop the garnishment and the judge did not want to hear any reason. looking for a Lawyer hope its not to late.
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Capital One in Los Angeles, California - CHARGING FEES ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVATED

CAPITOL ONE started charging annual fees even before I recieved credit card in mail which i did NOT activate.I think all consumers should be aware of what the application says even though it is printed so small most adult could not possibly read the fine print. It too 3 represenatives to work on the issue and cancel the cad that was not activated anyway to resolve this issue. The customer service department after getting through the computer base phone system was less than consumer friendly. 30 minutes on the phone to settle an account closeure is ridiculous. Alll consumer beware wth capitol one Whats in your Wallet not capitol one
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Techically they are right. You are simply activating the CARD, not the service.

Years ago I got a Discover card in the mail and the sticker on the card said "call to activate".

I thought "naa, I dont want this card after all". I cut it up and never called.....thinking it was never opened. 3 years later when I finally get a free credit report, I see have that 3 year old account open and in good standing.

I thought "gee". I called Discover and over the phone had my account closed.

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Capital One in Bourbonnais, Illinois - 15 days late and they call constantly.....

I have been on unemployment for 18 months and have faithfully made my car payments with my unemployment checks with the exception of July when I was waiting for the unemployment extension. I called Cap One to explain when they would get that payment, and the rep GAVIN told me "Go borrow the money from a neighbor" and said it was not his problem, etc etc. I spewed the *** to him and hung up, and I ended up paying the full payment as stated when I called within a week. BUT! Now I am 15 days late for August and they call up to and around 12 times PER DAY. They call from everywhere------Texas, New York, Georgia, California, Illinois, N.Dakota, and on and on. What pains in the *** they are! The calls start at 800am on the dot and don't stop until around 800pm. This happened a couple times in the past three plus years I have had the loan but I am so effen sick of these calls Temporary payment issues don't seem to matter to Cap One-----------and I hope that they understand KARMA and WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and that one day it will all come back to those who had no mercy! Rest assured I will NEVER NEVER NEVER accept a loan or credit card from Cap One ever again, and I tell this story to anyone who will listen. But that's all it will do---CapOne doesn't give a rat's *** about their customers----they just want the cash and they'll be in business for while just like all the other money-hungry companies are.
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You are correct that they don't care personally about their customer. You borrowed money for a car, they paid it, you have use of the car and are missing or making late payments. The callers are employed to collect past due payments, failing to do so endangers their job.

I'd keep a close eye on that car 24 hours a day - you are likely close to waking up and finding it gone.

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