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This so-called financial organization is run by amateurs, who do data input manually, and so as not sharp minded employees with limited brain power (who would want to work for inferior company?!) make human errors, that aggravate the clients and waste clients valuable time, arguing with customer (poor) service.

Exactly what happened:

Some sleepy and dyslectic clerk, while inputting the numbers, instead of $105.98, typed $150.98 and then it snowballed with interest and so on and so forth. It took me 2.5 hours of arguing on the phone first with regular agent Paul and then with his supervisor Valery, ID #MFB362.

They call themselves Capital ONE, I call them CAPITAL THE LAST ONE, and it took me a major arguing to make them admit their STUPID mistake and give me NOT adequate compensation for my lost time and nerves. In the past I had problems with them fraudulently charging interest and threatening me to lower my credit rating, but the problem was theirs: the clerks that manually input data (who else would do it manually in 21st century???!!!) always PROCRASTINATE, and then charge fonny interest.

I think that COSTCO made BAD decision, hooking up with the above idiots and naming them their "financial" company.

User's recommendation: Avoid becoming their client.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Platinum Credit Card.

Preferred solution: Full admission of the mistake, another $25 compensation for my lost time to what Val already committed and AUTOMATIC COMPUTERIZED DATA INPUT & better customer service..

Capital One Pros: Allows costco membership.

Capital One Cons: Disorganized financial institution.

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