I worked as a front desk security officer for (Capital One) Sharebuilder for over two years. I am always on time and ready to work.

I come to work with a positive attitude, an eagerness to assist customers when they need help at Capital One. A lot of times I would do extra job duties such as delivering mail to the employee’s desk because I am very helpful person in general. I take pride in the work I do and show excellent customer service and take ownership at Capital One. But recently I was accused of sleeping on the job.

I was also accused of not doing my job when he did not have any full proof. He automatically assumed and ended up being let go by Wade Horton the manager of Global Security from Capital One. A lot of times Wade Horton would randomly appear at the security desk without notifying any of the other Security Officers so he can randomly complain and overworked them or make a reason to get them removed from that location. A few of fellow coworkers have complained about him also and would try to be negative that no one knows how to do their job when in fact he does not know how to manage his own team.

Wade does not seem to fit to be a manager for Capital One because he does not seem to console his employees and get all the stories straight.

I would like to say I was overworked by Wade Horton as a security officer, treated very poorly, did not have respect for me and other coworkers, and being randomly accused of something I did not do. This to me is a violation of my rights because he failed to get my side of the story.

Review about: Capital One Manager.

Reason of review: Bad manager .

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Sorry but your rights whatever you think that they are, were not violated when you were let go from your job. You actually upset the boat by going over and above your assigned duties.

Leaving the Guard station to do something that is not normally done, like delivering mail, you can be wrote up for not being at your station and many other items.

If you are in a "At Will" state, it is the decision of the rules of Public Policy and Implied Contract that can get you when you are derelict at your duties for not being at the front desk.

I am guessing that the facility you were in had a secured entrance for the main part of the building after you enter the lobby. If you swiped in and if the Chief of Security looks at the logs then watches the videos for the cameras pointed at each doorway and at the guard desk, yes you can be fired/let go for delivering the mail, which was not an assigned duty.

to Anonymous #1346747

I just recently graduated with a computer science degree, you would've thought I was going to make security as a career? I guess you're wrong, I got a few jobs offer already since I'm good with math and coding. I wouldn't be surprised If you got replaced by an eastern Indian.


I realize this was a bad situation and I'm sorry to hear it happen, but is this really the best outlet for it?

The site is pissed consumer, not pissed ex-employee. There's only a very specific person this would be useful for, and I doubt your feedback is getting to Capital One.

Also, it's usually bad form calling someone out by name or ID, much less putting their picture up.

Gurnee, Illinois, United States #1319306

I believe you, cause , that's not too surprising, Does he have , a personal friend, whom he wants to give this job, to? Either way, hope you get something better, and can say, goodbye to bad , upper managemernt.

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