San Francisco, California

During the month of November I went on a vacation to Barcelona with only one credit card, my Capital One. Earlier in the month I had activated this card - I had it since the beginning of the year but had not used it yet.

The activation was confirmed. Two weeks later I called Capital One and told them of my travel plans and that I was going to use their card in Spain. On the night of my departure I tried to use the card for dinner at SFO. It was not authorized.

After dinner I called Capital One I asked why payment was denied. I told them this was the only card I had for my week long trip and I only had $300 in cash with me. Two representatives of Capital One could not help me and I was passed off to a supervisor that informed me that since I hadn't used the card for a year, it was permanently de-activated,. I informed him that I activated the card that month and also told them I was using the card in Spain - why had not either of those representatives informed me of the deactivation'.

He could not answer that question;. I asked for an emergency reactivatiopn|. He refused and told me the only way to activate the card was to re-apply and provide necessary documents.. I explained to him that my plane was boarding in 10 minutes:.

He was totally unsympathetic and refused to help'. Fortunately my hotel was pre-paid so I just had to be very careful with my funds, which meant several meals at McDonalds!! When I returned I opened an email dated the day I left that told me I was a valuied client and Capital One is dedicated to helping me avoid a financial inconvenience at home or abroad".

Nice bank to deal with, no? Lawrence Lee

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Card Activation.

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