Amarillo, Texas

I have tried for two weeks to talk to a real person at Capital one. There is no option on their menu for talking to someone. I've tried every number that I can find.

I need to get the payoff on our car, but the automated system only gives the original purchase price. I have e-mailed them asking them to call, but no one calls. I have called every number that I can find, but none of them gets me a real person.

Are there anypeople that work there or are there only computers?

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

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You indeed can press zero and get a person, but it's a call center over seas with the worst phone quality you've ever encountered and their ability to resolve issues is laughable. I've been trying for a week to get a restricition removed from my account that THEY accidentally put on it.

I've had three way calls with my bank and Cap One, had to read of long series of transaction numbers and any other number of ways to verify that yes, indeed my payment did clear but you *** accidentally put a restriction on it.

Each time they say that it's fixed, apologize and then when I check my account online it's back to the way it was before I spent an hour on the phone fighting them. It's not worth it, I'm closing the account.


I have also tried to speak to a human at Capitol One Auto Finance and the 0 option absolutely does not work. It would be nice if it did because all I need is someone to send me a lien release on a vehicle I have already paid off.

I guess they think that once you have paid them off you will have no need to contact them. Same thing goes for the no response on the customer service email.

You would think as much as they pay in bonuses etc. they could afford to have someone answer their phones.


That's not true. I tried pushing zero several times. It said "that is not a valid option" and then said "thank you for calling Capitol One, goodbye"


I also tried to call and pressing 0 just says it is going to transfer you and then the automated services tells you that it must hang up and that your call will be disconnected!


I tried pressing one and it DN work! It goes to an automated message saying "Thank you for calling Capital One Auto Finance".

This Co. is looking like *** to me! I just my loan from them, they called my cell and left no message. So I called them to see what was going on, after several attempts all I got was a message notifying me that my loan has been activated.

I could never get a hold of any CSR agent or operator to why they called? I guess now I'll sit and wait for the paperwork, but from what I'm seeing, reading, and experiencing already, I'm very quickly (within a few months) going to re-finance this loan and get away from Capital One.


Capital One's automated system allows you to press zero at any time to speak with a representative. Please try this.

@Answer for you

No, it does not. If you press 0 it says 'Thank you for calling Capital One Auto Finance, goodbye!' in a cheery voice.