Miami Beach, Florida

This bank (Capital One) took over services from HSBC Bank last year and canceled my memberships without any OK from me. When I called CreditKeeper I spoke to Matt who was nice and friendly, but told me my 2 services were canceled but there was no reason given.

He works for the company (Affinion Group)who handles the service and so couldn't speak to why they canceled my memberships. I called CapOne and spoke to Tyrone who was very cold and uncaring (and unintelligent)and just said they were doing away with this program.

That left me with no other option.I have joined Privacy Guard (which is most like CreditKeeper) and even though it is slightly higher it is well worth it.

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Do not use this service, the credit reports are wrong, the scores are way off and all they do is take your money for nothing in return. Stay away!!!


I just received my statement and see that HSBC have refunded 3 amounts on to my credit card. They relate to this credit keeper fiasco.

I called & requested an in depth accounting of the time period related to the refund and also interest rates used in the calculation. Now I am totally confused as to who owns this accounting ? Is it Capital One as they cancelled the service for which I was paying but that really was not available to me OR is it HSBC who were billing me.

Both deny that they are able to give me these details. Confused in NY.


I agree --same issues HSBC/Orchard Card customer with Creditkeeper service that I've happily subscribed to many years now :( @CAPITALONE SUCKS BIGTIME AND I ABSOLUTELY DREAD BEING FORCED TO BE A CAPITALONE CUSTOMER!!! :(

Creditkeeper was the ONLY reasonably priced but trustworthy and reliable service