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I cancelled this card about 4 months ago as I switched to non fee cards.Didn't receive a statement for about 3 month then suddenly, I believe $59 annual fee.

Uhhh, I cancelled it! People on phone were rude (2) and pretended that there was no record of my call. I don't believe that for NY nanosecond.. Never again capital one!

Never! Buyer beware! I am so tired of companies that think they can provide horrid service for high prices.. and lie.

Just avoid!Really, you are going to screw up then be rude to me?My husband was there listening when I cancelled it- they are not being truthful unless they don't keep appropriate records!

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #760178

while i'm sorry you feel this way you should realize this is standard practice.that's why whenever you cancel ANY card you have them give you some kind of verification code AND request mailed confirmation of some kind stating the card has been canceled.

I had this same situation happen with another credit card not capitol one where after I canceled they tried sending me a bill for the annual fee. I called up and thankfully I had the confirmation # the person on the phone had given me and a letter that I had requested be sent to me verifying it was canceled.

so instead of blaming capitol one why not take some responsibility yourself and admit you didn't keep diligently on the situation like you should have.you NEVER take a company for their word till you have something in writing like I did.

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