South Bend, Indiana

I have received multiple daily calls to my cell phone for almost a month, supposedly from Capital One. The first call of the day leaves a canned voice mail from "Linda" at Capital One telling me to call an 800 number. I don't have a Capital One account!

They call morning, afternoon, and night, even on weekends. I've gotten up to six calls in one day! On the times I have answered, I've gotten someone who doesn't seem to know what to say and is hard to understand when they do talk. I told them not to call me again, but all that happens is that the call number changes and it starts all over again.

I've checked the number lookup sites, and this happens to a lot of people. Most think it's not Capital One at all, just someone phishing.I tried to contact Capital One, but their site isn't very user friendly. Not only is it annoying, it's wearing out the battery in my cell phone!

Like the site says, "I'm pissed!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I think Capital One sucks! They should stop outsourcing their employees.

If there wasn't so much corprate greed they could hire people right in the USA.

Nothing more annoying than getting a call from Baboo Patel in Bombay India telling me that I haven't paid my credit card bill.

Note to corprate Capital One, stop giving yourselves ginormous checks, hire AMERICANS..... Just might help out the economy in the process.......


this is happaning to me and i dont have a capital one acount eathier i hae a bank of america and they have called up to 10 times a day on my cell


If it's a potential phishing scam, you should call Capital One to let them know (just use the same steps I told you in my last post to bypass entering an account number you don't have and talk to a representative), then you can call your phone's service provider to see if they can help block that number. You should also contact the FTC and let them know about this as well.


Yes, we get several calls a day supposedly from their legal dept. and they direct us to call a number which is a voice mailbox which tells us to leave our name and acct number (we don't have an account). It probably is phishing and it is very annoying!


I used to work for a call center representing Capital One. I can tell you that they DO have quite a few problems, but I MAY have a work-around for you.

This is a trick I picked up while representing them that I used to give non-customers who were having problems contacting Capital One for whatever reason:

Call their main Customer Service number (1-800-955-7070). The automated voice will prompt you to say or enter your 16-digit credit card number before you can continue. At this point, just stay on the line--do not say or do anything. You'll have to wait about 30-45 seconds, with a couple more automated prompts asking for your card number.

As long as you just stay on the line, it should eventually bypass the prompt and route you to a living Customer Service person. You should be able to get some help from there (hopefully).

I will also warn you, since you said there seemed to be some sort of language barrier, that the vast majority of general Customer Service employees for Capital One are based in Manila, Philippines. Best of luck, and I hope you get this resolved.