Mission Viejo, California
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using the number 1-800-955-6600, Capitol One Telemarketers never stop calling my home number trying to get me to buy something. I hang up or let them know my disgust; however, they are relentless.

calls start at 7:30 a.m. and continue until 9P.M. Capitol One has to be stopped from abusing the consumer like this..... I have reported them to "do Not Call Registry" numerous times, and I still get 20 or more telemarketer calls from Capitol One per day.

This is Consumer Abuse & their business should be shut down. I would never deal with capitol One after being tormented by their telemarketers.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I get phone call from capital one every day and now during the night

Is anybody have an idea on how to stop them from doing that ???


Save the world Kill a Capital One employee today.


Get a lawyer my butt. Kill the ***.


It's Capital One calling to try to collect on a credit card bill.

In Texas and Florida, they CAN NOT COLLECT on an unsecured account

like a credit card. Ask a lawyer.

Texas and Florida are debtor states and even if they go to court and get a judgement, they cannot collect an unsecured judgement. Again, ask a lawyer. You probably dont have to file bankruptsy or anything. It helps if you can just change your phone number every few months.

In other states they CAN collect if you have assets, bank accounts and even levy part of your wages. BUT NOT IN TEXAS and FLORIDA. Ask a lawyer in those states.

If they trick you and get you to sign a judgement that GIVES THEM a secured interest in your assets, that's too bad. You should not convert an unsecured debt into a secured debt.