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Update by user Jun 10, 2011

All matters between myself and Capital One Bank have been resolved. Thank you for your help and this website.

If possible, I am requesting removal of my post regarding this issue.

Thank you.

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2010

I am a former employee of Capital One Bank, located at 3950 North Dallas parkway in Plano, Texas. I have been an employee with them pretty much since their loss mitigation department opened up in July of 2009. I have seen HORRIFIC BUSINESS PRACTICES and have INFORMATION that is about to go PUBLIC in the lcoal Dallas area with a certain local news station.

I would be highly interested in hearing from previous and current Capital One Bank or Chevy Chase Bank customers. I am trying to gather enough customers to file a class action lawsuit and PUT CAPITAL ONE ON THE MAP- with the rest of the *** BANKS that have made the news recently and in the past few years regarding their business practices. Please go to my websites and reply with your contact info. www.bankmisconduct.com or www.thebankwantsyourhome.com

Thank you for reading.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I am a current Capitol One customer (not by choice) as my loan was purchased from Chase Bank (awesome bank). This loan was a line of credit on my mortgage.

A few years back I went bankrupt and have been paying the balance back to the Recovery Department. In February 2016, I noticed that my January payment was not cashed. Before I mailed another check, I called and was told that they could not located my loan either until my name, ss# or loan #. I was perplexed by this information and asked what my next step was.

Since it was late in the day and a Friday, the customer service rep that I was speaking to said I had to call back on Monday. Well, I was pissed because I just spent 45 minutes with several departments being bounced around to people who couldn't help me. Thankfully, Emily the rep that I was speaking to gave me her ext and had me call her on Monday and she assured me she would get to the bottom of this situation personally. So, Monday am I called and she did as she promised and got me to the department that could help me.

I was told that the Recovery Department had been dissolved in the previous summer but apparently it is not just a ghost department that you can not without an act of God!!! Ok, I finally make it to the correct department where I am told that my loan was in debt forgiveness and that I should not send future payments. I would be receiving a packet in the mail and that the lien on my home would be removed. That was three weeks ago and no packet has arrived.

So here I am calling the company who can't find my loan and where noone knows anything. Please HELP!!!!!


Really need your help. In court with capital one now on idenity theft.....could you please email.




If you dont pay your payments, they dont have to tell you they are repo'ing your car. Do you live under a rock? No pay, no vehicle...simple as that.


Cap one is no better than the mafia. today they repo'd my car with no letter....no nothing.

They can stick it...i would rather walk than deal with those illiterate freaks they call collectors.

I already paid twice what the car was worth with their exhorbitant rates. *** :(



Too bad you don't know the whole facts of the situation and you are "ASSUMING" You know what people say about "ASSUMING"- the first 3 letters spell "***". I must not have conversed with you while I worked at Capital One Bank. Maybe you weren't one of my friends. Unfortunately, because of legal agreements, I cannot discuss details of that situation.

But what I can say is that I simply exposed that company for what it was- they had an "F" rating with the Dallas Better Business Bureau for exactly the same things I accused them of doing to me. How funny?

I can say this. I cost them well over $1M worth of business by the time I was done. By the time they realized what had happened, I cashed the check and went about my business.

That's quite an accomplishment I am proud of- even to this day.

I'll tell you what. The day I stop protesting at Capital One Bank- you will know EXACTLY what happened to me. I'll be securing the banquet room at Roy's for a private "activity" and I will invite several former co workers at Capital One Bank to celebrate with me. Don't worry, I'm sure YOU'LL hear about it.

Thanks for your comment and keep abreast of my website.

I have some surprises coming up real soon. LOL.


Why dont you tell everyone about your furniture store experience? How you bought furniture, didnt like it, started picketing and they broke down and gave you money to go away?

So thats what you are trying to do at Capital One. Is that how you want to live your life?

Trying to get free money? You shouldnt even call yourself a man.


Its also very funny how you call people "Cowards" on here, yet YOU are the one that is wearing a black wig and sunglasses when you are "protesting." That seems like a coward to me. Why dont you show your face like a real man while you are out there?

***. Oh, and wear looser shirts cause you're fat rolls show through and everyone inside the building is laughing at you.


This is completely and utterly ridiculous. You are angry because you got fired.

Everyone here knows about this situation and knows how YOU caused it by causing commotion among your co-workers.

You cant take being wrong, so this is what you do. Grow up, get off your moms nipple and go get another job...that is, if you can.


I'll hire her!


It's because of COWARDS like you who don't stand up and fight against a company that is placing innocent families out on the streets almost everyday. You don't know what the *** you are talking about.

Maybe YOU are the little bug on the sidewalk- but I am certainly NOT AFRAID to take this problem head on. As far as another job- I'm not a "wannabe corporate tool" like yourself.

I am capable of functioning without being told how and when to do it. Good luck COWARD.


When will this stop??

Another *** complaint from an ex employee that GOT FIRED!!!!

By going on with this, you can bet the farm on this**YOU WILL NEVER GET A JOB WITH ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!!

Get over your firing, and this bank wll squash you like a little bug on the sidewalk when they get done with you.