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I have had a Capital One credit card account for the past 15 years. My account has been inactive for the past 6 years and I have been trying to pay this account off.

Capital One has constantly been charging every fee they can possibly think of. With all the fees Capital One has charged me, I probably could have paid this account off 3 times over. At Capital Ones suggestion, I made an agreement to have Capital One automatically charge my bank account for monthly payments, if they would remove a substantial amount of their fees. Four days after the first payment was due, Capital One called and said my account is over due and I was assessed another late fee.

I told the rep. that Capital One was suppose to take the payment automatically from my bank account. The rep. told me that the state I live in does not allow this.

So I made a payment with the rep. right then. Then on my next bill from Capital One I saw that they had reinstated all the fees they had removed earlier and when I called about this they said it was because I did not stick to the agreement. Capital One should have called me and let me know that my state did not allow that kind of payment with credit card companies.

Fast forward 2 years and I have finally got my account up to date over the past 3 months and went to make my first payment without any fees accumulating and found out Capital One was charging me a $39. membership fee. I called Capital One and told the rep. that I had an agreement since day one of this account to have the membership fee waived every year.

I also reminded the rep. that this account has been inactive for the past 6 years and that charging me a membership fee on an inactive account was ridiculous but the rep. and any other supervisors I spoke with refused to waive the fee. I feel that when I made a huge effort to get my account up to date and stop the extra fees that Capital One comes up with another way to charge an additional fee.

I am soooooooooooooooo sick of this Credit card company and their fees. They are nothing but thieves.

DO NOT GET A CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD unless you don't mind paying exorbitant fees. If that's the case, Capital One will certainly oblige.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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they did the samething to me. i have an attorney filling suit


You are right, they keep charging me late fee after late fee when I wasn't late and the original charge was fraud. I asked them to close my account twice, they won't do it and I just now got another bill with another 35 dollar late fee.

I tore the card up and threw it in the trash, they keep billing me. I'm not paying this late fee , credit be damned. worse company you could ever imagine .

Don't get a capital one card. you will be very sorry.