Lehi, Utah

I paid my car loan off April 2, 2010. Today is May 15, 2010. I have yet to receive my title. I need to sell my car and can't. I lost buyers twice because I can't deliver the title...

Ironically, while they are permitted to cause financial harm, fees piling up, and report credit delinquencies, or even take away cars that have not been paid on time... I have no recourse available to me immediately.

loss of $ 4500, because I was unable to sell the car, due to the missing title sign off.

Does anyone have a word or two of advice?

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capital one lost my final payment.then i was told they hold payments so how long to get my title. bad company.they play games


I've had a similar situation, I paid off my loan early just this past 9/30/11, and I left this week go by, I called today and spoke to "Tracy" she first started to give me the run around that they need to wait at least 21 days, that my payment was not certified since I made it through my personal account, etc, etc... i told her that was unacceptable, that I have been a direct payment customer for over 40 months and that I need my title as soon as possible, I asked to speak to a supervisor and then she told me to open a FedEx account so they can send the title overnight.

I hope I really received tomorrow... LOL :grin :grin


OMG...COAF..flippin sucks ***...paid off my car today, told it would take 60 days to get a title. I told them that was totally not acceptable...when I spoke with "TONY" last week, he assured me it takes 24-48 hours, then today JAMES O'BRIEN with the Indian accent told me, I was misinformed.

I explained they told me Tony was a supervisor, why would he be misinformed??? My husband payed off his vehicle from our local credit union, had his title literally 4 days later in the mail.

Have tried to call Tony just now, he hung up on me...when I tried again, got his voice mail, so the *** doesn't want to speak to me...currently have been on hold for 30 minutes....maybe they have blocked my number, & now don't want to take MY call....I figure I am tying up a phone line, so what the ***..Will NEVER EVER DO anything with this company again. SHAME ON THEM


The only advice I can give you, is wait. :sigh I realize this is a tough situation, but you must realize...they need to make sure they actually GET the money from your bank (whether it be check, cash, debit, etc.) before they'll process it as paid off.

Then, they must file paperwork on their own to transfer the title into your name. With DMV's hours being limited in these hard economic times, it is hard to actually get DMV paperwork completed.

Now, take into consideration the fact that it takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks to receive a title...it can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks to recieve your actual title, depending on how quickly they file the paperwork (they have two weeks to make sure any payment clears and another two weeks to file the paperwork, so you can [possibly] tack on four weeks to the originaly 2-8 or it could all happen (obviously not) in the blink of an eye and the second a payment is submitted, they file the paperwork and it could stay at 2 weeks...so it gives you anywhere from 2-12 weeks. If you have not recieved it yet, find out wtf is going on!