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Update by user Nov 24, 2012

I asked for supervisors until I got to someone with a little sense! They not only refunded the full amount they wrongfully took from my account they waived the $21.80 I actually owed them.

It is a shame it took so much phone time to get results. Don\'t give up!

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2012

I financed a truck through Capital One Auto Finance. Six months later I had made all my payments on time by having them take the money directly from my account. I refinanced the loan saving $3000.00 and paying off the loan quicker. I received a letter from them telling me they received a check from the new finance company but it was short and I owed them @21.85. I called and they said the letter was a mistake, they got their money directly from my account. I confirmed this with the credit union, they got their $21.85 AND STOLE $375.67 MORE THAN I OWED! They took out a full payment when I only owed them $21.85!

I called to try to get my money back and they said they were mailing me a check and I should have it NEXT MONTH! I can not afford two truck payments in a month and told them so. I was told there was no alternative, nothing could be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisor was out to lunch. I asked to speak to the supervisor's supervisor and the supervisor came on the line, what a miracle! The supervisor told me nothing could be done and I asked to speak to her supervisor. She decided there was a way to get my money back quicker and emailed me a form I was to sign and return. The form indicated I would receive a refund in my account within five days.

Five days later I still did not have a refund deposited in my account. I called and spoke to the same supervisor, again she said she had done her part it would just take a few more days. I asked to speak to her supervisor. He was not in the office. I persisted in wanting to talk to any of her superiors and finally her supervisor answered. Another miracle. This guy told me the payment to my account has already been "flashed" to my account. He said it may take until midnight for it to show up. I did not just rely on my on-line banking to verify the funds had not been sent by electronic transfer I called my credit union. THE FUNDS HAD NOT BEEN SENT TO MY CREDIT UNION AS HE SAID.

I owed Capital One Auto Finance $21.85 but they took $397.46 from my account. They refuse to return my money and continue to make excuses for not returning my money. THIS IS THEFT. Had I not paid them promptly when I owed them they would have repossessed the truck and ruined my credit. This is not over!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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I am having a similar problem. I have been paying on time electronically taken out every month.

I called them specifically to confirm my balance and that I wanted to make additional payments to lower the duration of the loan. First of all, they quoted me much more than what I owed and Im at at fixed interest rate of 3.99% and now they are telling me I owe more and tell me that the interest rate is based on daily percentage and are subject to change. What? Are they kidding me?

What part of fixed interest rate didn't they get.

This is not over. Now, I have to call them tomorrow, they conveniently called me back when they were about to leave and their office closed so the saga continues.