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Update by user Jan 26, 2012

***Also, the repo guy that they sent loaded up my Chevy HHR, which is front wheel drive, by its rear wheels then dragged the vehicle over 1000 yards across a busy street. While dragging the vehicle, he proceeded to demolish the entire front end of the car. The entire front axle system of the car is broken and that alone is a few thousand dollars in damages.***

Update by user Jan 26, 2012

***Additional Information*** Capitol One claims that I am 5 payments behind. My payments did not start until June 2011 and I have proof that I made 5 payments with 2 missing payments.

This does not include the January 2012 payment that is due on the 28th. I have called their company multiple times over the past 4 months to rectify the missing payments and their response was that per company policy, they cannot extend payment arraignments to any customer until that said customer has made 6 consecutive payments on the account.

I am a single mother of two children and work a graveyard shift job just to make ends meet and when life has kicked me financially in the face, I have made it a point to call and explain my situation to any company necessary to keep the small amount of bills I have in order...

This is just wrong... Capitol One lacks business ethics and do not care about their customers at any level.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2012

Spread the word and SHARE this status with everyone u know!!! CAPITOL ONE is one of corporate americas biggest FRAUDS!!!!

They repossessed my car and I was only two payments behind!!! Not only did their offices refuse to work with me over the past four months to get payment arraignments so I could take care of the past due balance until my taxes get here next week so I could pay in full, they REFUSED to reinstate my loan because the REPO GUY SAID that he felt threatened by me when he came to get the car... That was their EXCUSE for not reinstating my loan so I could pay the $980 that was my past due and next month payment! I called a police officer to come out and monitor the situation and was on the phone with Capitol One the entire time and not once did I raise my voice!

When I told the officer what the repo guy said about feeling threatened, he was appalled! The repo guy was 6'2" and approx 220 lbs driving an unmarked red tow truck with black inconspicuous numbers and I am 5'8' approx 160 soaking wet... Capitol One's customer service lacks communication and training because over half the calls I have made to their company over the past four months have went unnotated on my account. This is corporate greed at its finest and we need to spread the word to hit Capitol One where it hurts...

The PROFITS they make off of US!!! We are the hardworking taxpayers and they are the ones who line their pockets with our hard earned money then do this kind of junk to us...

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Customer Care.

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If you purchase a car and agree to make the payments, you should make them. I you cannot make the payments, you are at their mercy because you did not keep your word regardless of why. :?


My one comfort when I read insensitive reactions like this one from "hmm" is this - in over 60 yrs of life I have seen jerks like "hmm" faced with sudden disaster and their clueless reaction is a joy to behold. I have no sympathy for unsympathetic ***


only 2 payments behind--and they get THEIR CAR--its not your car until its paid off-- till then your just using someone elses car.they were nice enough to finance you and when you signed the contract you agreed to pay promptly and on a certain date--so in a nut shell--they give you money--you get car--you don't pay back--they take car--

@gezz whizzzz

Did, your employer, Capitol One, pay you to snipe these stories with nasty remarks or do you just do it to kiss your boss's a@#s?


I dont understand why people who DONT PAY THEIR BILLS blame the creditor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


because - s#%t happens, you nimrods...


I've had one creditor trust me with making payments - I fell critically ill, leaving a balance of something like $150. As I struggled to health, living on SSI, which is bare bones emergency disability - I had $700 a month and food benefits to cover $700 a month in non-food living expenses.

Somehow I squeezed tiny payments out of what seemed like thin air and had this debt paid within a year. I sold a lot of my belongings just to make up this debt and other uncovered living expenses, like transportation (medical care may be free, but getting to the dr. office is not). My credit with this business was restored, creditor was impressed and has always welcomed me back as a customer.

Their bookkeeper recently told me that they'd do it again if they had to, because I proved that I was willing to give them a high priority in spite of being in dire circumstances. For all you bitter, nasty "don't give benefits to the sick, just let them die" people - I'm recovering and will be off SSI in less than a year. You only hear about the ones who don't do that. Most of us prefer not to live that way.

Black hearted people don't realize that they're paying for their coldness.

If you fail to have compassion for these people struggling with loss of income, you're being eaten by evil from the inside and it will strike you down eventually. For certain, should you fall on hard times, you are far less likely to encounter compassion.