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I just spoke with a customer service rep by the name of "jay" with the id number of "jwk"( if that even was his real number and name! Back in march our car got repossessed on a fri or sat night and we called monday to get all fees for our car, we were able to get that money to pay capital one and the repo service company.

When I spoke with the repo branch regarding the fees for this car the only fee she told me about was a 95-100 fee that had to be paid with the payment, I specifically asked if those were all the fees for this account! Now we are getting a 350.00 charge for a miscellaneous fee that is supposedly connected to that repo! This was never disclosed and the first rep told me there was nothing in the notes but this guy calls us back and says its in the notes, but cant give me a copy or tell me when this was disclosed back when I spoke to them! He then proceeds to get snotty and ask What difference does it make?!...

Are you kidding me!! What kind of a customer service rep says that when you are dealing with peoples money!!?? We have two kids and one on the way, so yes IT DOES MATTER!! Now on top of our 500.00 payment we have to pull 350 out of our butts to accommodate a made up fee that should have been disclosed up front so we could have budgeted or borrowed that with the other almost 2,000.00 we paid to get the car out!!

Im so disgusted with capital one I don't know what to do, but I'm sure I'm just another number!!

Their customer service is horrible! Now ill probably have more late fees cause we cant pay the extra 350.00!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

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The repo fee is billed to the customer because the towing company bills said company for this fee so in since this is a valid fee and you do have until the end of the loan to pay this in full and is not credit assessing and will not put your account past due