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I am sooo pissed. Capital One Auto Finance sold my car loan to Onyx.

SO what's the scheme? Capital One supposedly per their customer service bought Onyx Acceptance Auto years ago. I wonder if it is really the other way around. Use one company because the name is known and then switch it over to the real companies' name.

I called Capital One and no one could give me an explanation. I have heard horror syories about Onyx why would I want them to finance my loan. I can't go through Capital One to refinance for a lower payment, but they can just sell my account to one of their own companies.

Not fair!

Monetary Loss: $21000.

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Onyx sold their company to capital one awhile ago so everything must of got transferred, I had a great experience with onyx, but not so much cap one... Don't rag on onyx for selling their company blame the people who own you now :P


Capital One lost my payment. I can confirm someone cashed the money order.

It was made out to capital one bank yet they have no record. How much money do you suppose they make each year by getting an extra payment from just a fraction of the cardholders?

Millions? Now they are raising the interest rate and putting late fees on.


I financed a car with Onyx in 2001 and paid the loan off in full in 2006 and received the title. I checked my credit report and its showing Onyx reports they transferred the loan to Capital One.

Capital One appears on my credit report TWICE reporting it as a charge off. I called Capital One "awful" reps I spoke with say they have no record of record of the loan?? Onyx has no number, these two have destroyed my credit!

I disputed it and the credit bureau 30 days later say its verified, wtf? I sent a letter to dispute dept of Capital One and no response..Im PISSED!!!


I am attempting to google Onyx to find the phone number to get ahold of them and I CAN'T. How freakin' hard is it to find there phone number? I mean, a phone number that actually works and gets me through to a live person?


Capital One is horrible. My previous loan company Onyx sold my loan to Capital One Auto Finance and everything changed.

My other company allowed me a 10 day grace period but when I signed the loan but with Capital One Auto I was told they don't have a grace period because they don't charge late fees and instead the amound acrues interest or some bull... it was while back so I'm not exact on wording sorry. Now I notice that even though my loan is due on the 28th and Im sending it between the 1st and the 5th of the month that they are now charging me $30 late fees and $15 administrative fees. Sometimes even when I send it out on time I am still seeing these fees.

Capital One Auto Finance is a total rip off. I'm paying off my car in total at mid December... because I am so close to my last payment (June) and just want to stop dealing with them...

Never again. They are ***.


I was never told by Capital One my loan was sold to Onyx and I can't find a way to pay online either. Contacting them is a nightmare.

I was on hold for 10 minutes and then they said they couldn't take my call, to call later. Idiots.


you all pick my car up for passed due amount i payed the amount that you all wanted me to pay the car was not the same when i picked it up i reported to and nothing has been done about it i called and called but no one seem as if they want to do anything about it i guess you all want me to pay for a car that they took everthing off of it that they wanted and i never did get the things that was in my car back ever time i call the people that pick the car up i dont get and answer are they just dont call back


Onyx is actually a great company. I financed through them a long time ago before CapitalOne bought them up.

I was pissed when I got sold to CapitalOne because I had never had any problems with Onyx but during the transistion to CapitalOne, my automatic payment got lost and a month later I got a call from CapitalOne saying I owed two payments!! I had no choice but to make both payments but after looking in Onyx's system the auto pay was clearly still set up so it was CapitalOne that screwed up. It took two months and several faxes later to get the late fees refunded.

After that I swore I was paying off all I owed to CapitalOne and never using their services again. Really, I would be happy about moving to Onyx.

Funny thing is, they sold me back to Onyx, but I had already paid off my loan a week before. Go figure.


My loan started w/ Onyx & ended up w/ Capital one & now back to Onyx.I have'nt had any problems w/ capital one that I did'nt create, I'm still paying one loan though.


:) Cut out the middle man and get your financing with the bank first.


Financed car in 2004 w/Onyx....then sold to Capital One...Now got sold back to ONYX?????!!!! Go figure, huh??


I recently have had several run ins with Capital One, bought a new car and was financed through them and had it refinanced with Citi in early Aug. Capital One owed an over payment to me and they said it would be here at the end of the month. Didn't recieve it and called back a few days into sept and they said it was returned no such address (they has no problem sending me the statements). Requested for the check to be mailed again. Octotber comes no check, called again and said they never got the request and would resubmit it. November comes again no check, I called and had a big drawn out fight with them. Right before Thanksgiving I still hadn't recieved the check called them the day before Thanksgiving every hour for 6 hours straight and finally got my overpayment that friday.

New situation with Capital One. When I refinanced with Citi it voided my GAP insurance. I had to go to the dealer and cancel it with them and provide proof that it was paid in full with Capital One and if not then they would have to mail them the refund for GAP Insurance and wait for them to send it back to me. I took my new car title showing Citi as the new lein holder and of course it wasn't good enough for the dealer so they sent my refund check to Capital One. I've been been trying for over a month to get a Paid in full letter from them calling every week and sending an email to there customer service and I'm at wits end with them.




I've been gettin a bad vibe from this company....I'm a first time car buyer...and I've been applying everywhere for Car Loans...deny deny deny not enuff credit history blah blah.

So literally about 30 minutes ago I applied for Capital One and was approved like 10 minutes later???

I was like that was fast...just outta habit I googled it and I have seen nuthin but negative reviews of them....but now I gotta google Onyx???

Well looks like that blank check is just gonna be for bargaining...I'd rather take the dealers financing ***...