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If you have an initial balance on your account when you make a 0% balance transfer to your Capitol One account, you can never pay off the initial balance until the account is payed off completely.

They will charge you interest until the entire account is down to $0.00, and for the month after the account is payed off.

Don't do a balance transfer with Capitol One. They will figure a way to charge you interest. And they do not care if you tell them you will never do business with them again, because they can always find others for their money making scams.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I am starting a class action aginst Capital One for there fraudulent action on 0% balance transfers for life of loan


This is the second time Capital One tries to scam money out of a transfer balance. Not only do they not disclose when the 18 month term ends on their statement but then they just start charging interest and state that is was a 12 month transfer promotion even though the emails from their CSR say different. I'm cancelling my cards and never *** business with them again!


I am starting a Class Action on Capital One for 0% interest transfers and looking for people to join.



I had Capital One scam me more then ones. I do not do Business with them.

If you do not want to get ripped of you should not do business with Capital One. Discover is the best credit card company.


I had the same thing happen to me, rec'd letter stating 0 interest and then after opening account rec'd letter stating they made an error and the rate is now 5.99

Anyone have the same problem and a solution


:) I agree, that's the common practice and legally approved. We Cardholders must make sure we undertsand it and read the fine prints. Teh probelm with us is we don't give time to read everything in the offer.


Capital one takes more days that legally allowed to post online payments and then charges late fees. Don't bother call because they use overseas people that have a script and just repeat the same canned answers over and over and don't know how to say anything else.

Their bottom line on everything is no can't do that, can't help you, that's the policy, and then they start over with the same lines. I used this for some large charges for lodging with a gov't move.

I had the manager credit each of the charges I had made to that card reducing the balance to zero...except like the other person there is NO WAY to pay it off each month it is more even if you pay it the day the statement is printed or on the phone with them...never will use them for ANYTHING again...the huns chase you...and don't stop.. :(


I have to agree with Finance Savy on this one. I personally have had bad experience with Cap One, but almost every CC company has the same practice of applying payment to the lowest APR balance. Once you transfer a balance to a 0% card, DO NOT USE IT.


Would any of you be willing to join me in a Class Action lawsuit against Capital One for their preditory balance transfer practices?

Class actions are particularly useful for people who have suffered relatively small economic losses, that in itself may not justify the hiring of a lawyer. This is because a class action lawsuit allows one person or a small group of people to be represented by a law firm and sue on behalf of hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of different people with similar complaints. Because there is strength in numbers, a class action lawsuit is a powerful tool that individuals can use to enforce the law against large corporations and governmental entities.

I will gladly start the ball rolling, but I'll need more people involved.


Tommyo, the exact same thing happened to me. I filled out a balance transfer form promising me zero percent interest for the life of that transfer.

Then I received a letter dated April 14th, 2008 stating due to a system error the balance transfer form should of stated 5.99%, but because they are so kind they will not attempt to collect any additional finance charges that should have been assessed in the past. Well golly gee Capital one, Thanks a bunch! This is like if I sign up for a fixed rate mortgage at 5% and then a few months later receive a letter stating sorry, it's really 10.99%.

I am attempting to write a letter to capital one (I tried resolving this over the phone, don't even bother) and give them a chance to rectify the situation. If that doesn't work, I will contact my states attorney general.


I have been using credit cards over 15 years. Capital One is the worst credit

card ever. Every time I called them asking "how much I have to pay in order to incur Zero interest. They always lie to me, co's every month I called, I still have interest incured.

So, I told them to cancel my credit card, and "forced" them to tell me how much i have to pay to have zero interest. It was written on my statement $50, but actually it was what I have bought up to date plus what they want to charge you whatever the interest plus that $50.

Anyone who has this credit card, cut it and never use it anymore.


Xerella is right...

I did a balance transfer for 0%, for life of the card...

3 months later, they are telling me they are in error, it should have been 5.99%. The only way they have told me that they would honor that is if I had the original application that stated 0% for life. A letter sent to me even says the original conditions, 0% Special Transfer for life, I have 3 billing cycles that state Transfer Special 0%. I will say again... the letter Capital One just sent me reiterated the conditions that they said were a computer error... That in it self is proof in my original conditions.

They have attempted to find a way to get finance charges from me.

I need help with this... This is fraud to the highest degree, I can not be the only one this has or happened too.

Please someone tell me what Gov't agency I can contact to investigate Capital One!!!!


What a ***! This is not a scam, this is a common business practice and is perfectly legal as long as they disclose it to you, which they did (check your terms and conditions).


Every CC company does this. It says right in the disclosure, payments will be applied to the lowest APR balance first.

This means that you will continue to accrue interest on your normal purchases until you have paid down your 0%. Common practice in the industry

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