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capital one bank has no clue - their customer service people told me incorrect information for over two weeks on four separate occasions. They held my money and did not give me interest on it for those two weeks and then told me they could not accept the check becasue I would not give them my last two yeards tax returns to prove the money was mine!

it was a cashiers check from Commerce bank where I has closed out the account to move it for a higher interest rate. I lost all that interest messing around with this idiotic bank for two weeks.

I am passed pissed off - can't actually write the words here as I am a lady....

Monetary Loss: $1.

Location: New York, New York

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Tried to get time sensitive documents notarized. I was told.they will.not notarize powers of attorney, trusts or refi docs.

Great what else is there?

Then called cust service to ask what the rules where exactly and was told "you have called customer service, you need to ask your branch manager" Huh????? Great answer I know so much mote now.


They wanted a copy of a utility bill as proof of my new residence. I mean, come on, what next? Do they want to haul away your poo and analyze it?


I just had the most awful experience with someone from their advocacy department, after having a terrible experience speaking to a customer service person two days ago. Basically, for the second time in a row, the bank has made available funds to my account that were not really there--meaning I had purchased a bank check out of my checking account and instead of deducting the amount from my checking, they left it in there, until the branch went through their books at the end of the week.

I was expecting an overtime check and so when I checked my balance over the phone, quickly and noticed a higher balance (5 days later) I thought it had arrived. So I made a few transactions that evening, including purchasing an itunes song for $1.50. To my disbelief, the next day, in spite of my check REALLY going through, I had been charged $35 on each transaction. The first time in happened I thought it was a one-time mistake.

Little did I know that it is common practice for this branch to do that. I basically got charged $35 on each transaction, some of which were for $5, $6, $100. When I tried to get the overdraft fees refunded, they refused to and accused me of having done it on purpose. In addition to that, the woman was completely dismissive of my claim (and definitely did not even attempt to advocate for me).

She insisted that this was my fault, because I shouldn't trust the automated system's balance, I should be managing my account closely and keeping my own spreadsheet of my expenses. I'm glad that she has great ideas on how people should manage their money, but the reality is that it is none of her business how I manage my money. At the end of the day, "their job is to give an accurate balance of my account, not provide me with money that I don' t have, instead of declining my transactions and then 4 days later tell, "we're sorry, but really that wasn't your money and though it is our mistake for not deducting this in time, we will charge you $35 for each time you used those funds." I'm taking this to small claims and writing a letter about this particular "advocacy" person to Capital One headquarters.

Any suggestions on who else I can contact? So Angry!


Never would I had thought about switching Banks until this month. I had banked with Chevy Chase sine the late 80's and never would have thought for two seconds to leave them though now since they are Capital One Bank I want to close my account ASAP.

For years I have had a personal account with a Trading As Business Name on the account.

With the new merger though Capital One change the status of my account from a personal account and now made it a small business account without my knowledge or permission.

In so doing, this was of great benefit to the bank due to the fact that the new law regarding overdraft fees do not apply to business accounts they only apply to personal accounts.

In not watching my account for three weeks as I was overseas my account went into the negative. Well so negative that I was hit with 30+ overdraft fees at $35.00 ea. due to my regular debit from that account.

When I got back I went to my local branch in Maryland and was informed that the bank paid all my charges for me to be professional. I asked them that under the new regulations why did they pay anything once the account went into a negative status and I had not opt'd in to have charges paid for me in the event that my account went negative.

Their answer since you have been such a great customer since more than 10+ years we did this for you.

Well this is and was bull since they never disclosed any of the account changes to me.

I can admit fault in me not checking my account though to cover their behinds they changed my account as far as status.

Well I have vented way to much here and do not want to bore you.

#1 If you have an account with them close it. Under there new rule you can close your account when you have a zero balance in it though here is the goodie if any transactions come into that account for any reason within a five day period of you closing your account than your account will be automatically re opened and you will suffer insufficient fund charges at what ever rate they choose. You again will have to bring your account to a zero balance paying any overdraft fees they access and then re-close your account and wait another five days.

Now after you wait another five days after your re-close and another / any transactions appear in/on your account during this second period of time then the bank will close your account and put it into a "Charge Off" status now affecting your credit status, and they will report you negatively to Check Systems a clearing house org. that all banks check prior to you opening another account with another bank and they will put a flag against your name and SS#

#2 They have a Advocacy Department for customers though this department has some of the most worst employees I have ever seen. They are suppose to defend you/ your case to the bank and act on your behalf. Lets just say NOttttttttttttttttt

#3 Get a good lawyer as I have done to fight on your hehalf and there is upcoming class action suite that bank customers will a part of that have had problems and concerns since this new merge


I hate their banking service, too. My husband and I have a small second account there in our resident town; our main account is in an out-of-town bank.

We discovered that they wouldn't even change a roll of quarters for us unless we had an account there. And even if a check was written to my husband, he couldn't cash it if my name was on it--because my name was not yet on the account!!

And what really ticked me off is that they refused to notarize two documents for us, even AFTER we were account holders, because they "weren't Capital One documents." As if that matters to a notary--it's just a witness' signature!! errrrggg

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