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Capital One acquired Chevy Chase Bank whom I banked with years ago and closed my account back in 2005. Now Capital One has frozen funds in my current Capital One account to collect what they claim is a "charged off" amount on the now closed Chevy Chase account.

I didn't owe any fees on the Chevy Chase account when it was closed and yet Capital One has dipped into my checking account and basically stolen money to settle a debt they haven't even verified with me. They have provided me absolutely nothing in writing explaining what the "charged off" debt pertains to and refuse to return my money. They amount they claim I owe is $184 and initally they froze my entire bank account. I was finally able to argue with them and get them to release that hold and then they turned around and placed another hold on $400 of my money.

I have filed a complaint with every government agency I can find that regulates banks. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office here in Texas. I want to sue them, but because the amount is so small I cannot get a lawyer to take my case. Has anybody else out there experienced a similar situation?

If so please email me at If we get enough people together we can file a class action suit against these crooks!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Im in how can someone with a 300 credit limit owe anyone 3K, capital one is a rip off