Burlington, Ontario
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I sent Capital on .ca $300.00 for a secure credit card over a month ago. I was told many different stories but yet no card.

They last said it would be here in 11 or so days. Funny the ad said they would send it EXPREE POST as I sent the funds. I attend St Lawerence College here in Kingston On and I work at Queens Univerity.

I will post this experience on post school sites although capital one had no such sight to inform them of this. We all make misstakes but no efford was made to fix this or rush the card to me.

Daniel Wilson

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I had a similar problem with them years ago. They asked for a $75.00 deposit, which I sent.

I received the card, used the card, paid off the card. Then one day I went to use it and they had cancelled it on me. They said they never received my $75.00. So I checked with my bank, and it showed Capital One did cash it.

So I called Capital One, and they refused to help me. They sure were there to help weren't they. So now Im out of $75.00 because they wouldn't refund me.

So becareful sending them any money. You're better off without them in you pocket!