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I have had an auto loan with capital one auto finance for almost 6 years and have had far more negative experiences than positive ones. The latest is coming at the end of the note.

I've been trying to sell or trade my 05 Yukon for the past 2 months but can't get an accurate payoff. I was talking with a dealer about trading it and when he asked for payoff I told him according to my records it should be about $1200. I looked like an *** when he called coaf and they told him it was $5012. When I called they told me that I had an extension on the account and that it would be paid off in November of 14, my brain was tired from translating the broken English of the CSR, so I politely said thanks and hung up.

THE VERY NEXT DAY I received a FINAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION from coaf. Bewildered, I called them immediately, and "jay" said my payoff is $3097 and some change. When I asked if that was due as my final payment he continually said "payoff is $3097.45" like some sort of possessed customer service demon. So, I hung up.

I called back two days later and now my payoff was $5378.64. WTF It had been less than a week and no money had changed hands nor any imperative dates passed.

Clearly they need to all be on the same page and at the very least train their outsourced csr's better in the ways of 'merica. As for me, I will just roll the dice and hope that I can roll over whatever amount coaf comes up with on any given day into my new loan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Your story doesn't even make sense. Last I checked, there isn't an adjustable loan offered on auto finance.

They're all simple interest loans.

If no late payments occurred, payoff amount will only go down as time progress.


This company is full of ***! The customer service reps are liars and incompetent.

I financed my vehicle through capital one auto finance for a term of 72 mos and at the end of my loan I had a balance due of $1630 I asked a rep why do I have to pay it and she said it was for interest and late payment fees. I tried to get some of the fees waived and everyone I spoke with said no so I advised them that I can make partial payments until I pay the remaining balance off. The rep said that's fine and 2 days later my vehicle was repossessed and in order to get it back I had to pay $2300 because they added more fees.

When I called back to see if I can get some of my money back considering no one had spoken with me about repossession they did not want to give me anything.i also told them to listen to the call that was recorded between myself and their rep and no one has been able to do it. Bottom line here is this company is full of *** and I hope they go bankrupt!