Manchester, New Hampshire

Capital One's fraud dept contacted us about a suspicious transaction while we were on vacation this week regarding a vedor we'll call 'Monitoring Services'. I told the rep I did not have access to a computer but please search for past transactions within our account for this vendor.

He claimed no prior transactions and said "I have to close your account because of this suspicious activity or you will have to assume all responsibility for any fraud on the account'. As a result, I reluctantly agreed to allow him to close the account even though this created great personal stress on us - being on vacation without a credit card - based on what the Capital One rep said.

Now, back from vacation - I spent 5 minutes searching our statements (which I must do manually - their reps must be able to search by text strings) and found that this is indeed one of our recurring charges - the previous one occurred exactly 6 months prior. So, Capital One canceled our credit card on vacation for NO REASON causing us anguish and stress that was completely unnecessary.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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That really captures the siprit of it. Thanks for posting.


You're lucky. I did not even get a call. I was called by my fuel company and a supplier when they tried to run purchases on the card we have on file with them.

I only keep one credit card and now have to wait for the new card for up to 10 days.

After cancelling my card Capital One took 72 hours to even send a new card...

I have already applied with another company for a credit card and will be cancelling my Capital One card...