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Capital One Credit Card I used on PayPal that is not good idea at all I found that the deal was a fraud after I had paid them using my PayPal account but I used my credit card through PayPal and the treat it like a cash advance so I got charged 10.00 for saving the credit card from being or myself getting ripped off. This was all done within hours, I called them and I got some guy in India whose English understanding was very poor, It's not the ten dollars it is the principal, But to frost my cake I giving my information to someone from another country!!!!!!!!What the *** is with that stuff I have a bad heart and cancer problems and I am 62 years old the really get our money and outsource it to India is that a *** or what, at least Americans can speak and understand.

They are a bad Company it's a wonder why so many people out of work in the USA companies outsourcing. I am going to advise our Government when the time comes they need to bail out, ask India to bail them out not us United States Taxpayers.

Then they have the balls to loan money for cars at high rates and other loans shut them down, they are lucky I have no control over them… I would forbid them of doing any type of business in the USA I will keep you all posted if any retaliation comes of my love letter.

beware that's all I say.

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