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Today I got an email with a subject "We're closing your accounts", and the body below. Note that I have no credit card with them. Only a checking account with over $2,000 and a savings account with over $30,000. I don't use the account frequently, but transfer in/out about 5-10 times a year. I called in and they had nothing to add about why it was closed. Their security department was kind enough to confirm that no fraudulent activity occurred, but they could not add to the explanation of why it was closed.

Here is the email I received (I've removed my name and placed instead:

Dear ,

Customer Number: XXXXXXXXXX

When you opened your accounts, you agreed to the Account Disclosures reserving our right to close your accounts at any time, for any reason. We closed your 360 Savings and your 360 Checking, including your Overdraft Line of Credit and Debit MasterCard®, on 06/04/2014.

We sent the funds - plus any interest earned - to your linked external checking account and they'll arrive in 2-3 business days. If you don't have a link or your link's closed, a check will arrive by mail within 10-12 business days at your address on file.

Going forward, no additional activity can take place and no new accounts can be opened.


Capital One 360

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Capital One 360 they closed mines my checking and savings account for Fraud and i never reported any fraud and they closed my account and send and email that my account was closed because it was disputed and i never gave them permission to close my account


I also just had my 360 checking and savings account closed. No idea why.

My savings account had over 120K.

They also seem to have just closed a Sony credit card which I have not used since Capital One took over from Chase a number a years ago (they gutted the rewards program). I have a mortgages which is current, I am a little worried they will say they have the ability to call it


Ok this one really freaking sucks. We're you making too much money in interest?


I can only guess. I called to ask for a reason, and they said it was their policy not to give the reason.

Something has been lost with this company when it comes to doing business.

I've never seen a business cancel an agreement without providing some explanation. I guess Capital One doesn't see customers as real people.