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Beware 0% offers for 12 mos. because if you cross a check in the mail as I did when I paid off the balance, they applied the $1800 convenience check first and the $2700 check to payoff the prior balance second thereby invalidating the 0% offer.

So I thought I could buy a new camera for my business at 0% APR as long as I paid off within 12 months, was I ever wrong.I am now paying close to 12%!!

The rep even berated me for not reading the fine print on my credit card contract after I complained.

They are a rip off! Watch out

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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Yes, these "convenience checks: by Capital One can be a slippery slope. I used one and it was deposited by the recipient well before the 0% cut-off date.

Capital One processed it late and now refuses to honor their 0% interest rate. I called their "customer service" in Kuala Lumpur, but got nowhere.

Go elsewhere for your credit card. There are plenty of banks who are more client-centered and respectful of their customers.


Well here we are again with Big Business getting away with Lie's, and Deception just so thwey can get your hard earned money. CapOne sent me some 0% checks to use/cash (after opening up a new account with them).

They said their would be 0% intrest for one year... Ha Ha... Right, the next month, they chaged me 17.99%. When I spoke with a senior Acct Rep, they said I was mistakenly told that it would be 0% intrest.

I went on to tell them, that I would never have used the checks, if I knew their was a 17.99% intrest charge.... CapOne Rep just said they appologize for telling me that, but I would have to pay the 17.99%. Now, here's my question... how can a bank loan you money, and tell you its 0% for the first year, and then Regular rates apply after that, then say Oops we told you that in error.

NOT MY ERROR CAPONE. Now you need to honor the deal you made.

DECEPTION, LIES, GREED. I'll be taking out a personal loan to pay it off, and stuff their account up their tale!!!


Please beware with capital one 0% offer to 12 months,after you cashed the check they change it to your normal rate as 18% or 24% ,thats is a big scam made for the capital one,we need to stop it