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I have been a Capital One Credit card holder for many years have never defaulted until now where I have fell into a hardship. I have 2 capital one credit cards and one Capital One car loan.

I have fallen 1 month behind on my card payments with the situation I am in right now I can not catch up on the payments. I have always tried to make my payments on time, the most I had ever been late is 1 day. So, trying to do the right thing I called them, low and behold got a (ARHABs on both accounts that I couldnt understand them of course)to see if they could just put me on a hardship plan and stil make a low payment until I got things together for a few months realizing that the accounts would be closed in going this route ....... let me say that I have dealt with almost four of my other creditors whom i have not had accounts with (half as long as with Capital 1 & Applied Bank Card) they were very understanding and worked with me.

NOT CAPITAL ONE or APPLIED BANK CARD, they wouldn't even try. Capital 1 *** kept putting me on hold to check things (supposedly) only to come back and say nothing could be done. I explained to both companies that I was working with credit solutions and I was going to cancel (which I did "THANK YOU" for those on here that left their reviews regarding this company")...because they may not even get paid for another 3 yrs if I left the accounts with them, or leave no other alternative but, to file bankruptcy if they could not work with me on my cards. With no avail neither company would even try all they would say is there is not anything they could do.

Which leaves me no other choice. I tried faithfully to do what was best to contact them and try to set up some payment plan even if the account would be closed at least get what is owed. They would not even consider. These companies could care less.

I am a honest person that believes If I owe a debt to pay it back and to live honestly we can all fall into a setback and hardtimes. I AM PISSED off that when you think you are doing the right thing these credit card companies won't even consider trying to help. my advise DONT USE THESE 2 CARD COMPANIES!!!!!!

I want to add that this sight has helped me with alot of things that I would of been in the dark about, had I not found it.

KEEP POSTING it helps alot of us out here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I know this will probably get deleted, but here's an idea... PAY YOUR BILLS.

I have no doubt that you weren't behind forever, but if you fall into a hardship, don't use borrowed money to pay your bills. If you can't pay for it, you don't put it on a credit card that you can't pay either...

your asking for trouble. Moral of the story: Spend what you can afford, and don't use your credit card as a crutch


I have had the same problem with Applied Bank; and they were calling me up to 20 times a day and wanted to take the money out of my checking account themselves and wouldn't work with me on monthly payments; they wanted it all or nothing!! They then sent the bill to a collection agency and I was told by MRS Collections to be responsible and pay my god damned *** bill and wouldn't even send me a bill in the mail.