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I got my son his 1st card, hes got mild cp, but is attending college soon, thought a card would be useful to him. Got the card, he tried to activate (only had a $300 limit, which is great, since ill be paying the bill), said to call a #, due to fraud alert, (hadnt activated yet), said we had to upload, birth cert, soc ser, & proof of address, we did that within 2 minutes if hanging up.

A week went by we get another letter, of fraud alert, called again, said the pucs upliaded were out of focus, (were fine on our end), ok, uploaded again, kept getting error, saying couldnt upload, called aagain, told us to fax documents, that was 3 weeks ago, still nothing. But open acct on crefit repirt, even though card cannt be activated...taking our business elsewhere, cancelled ny acct, husbands, & daughters, going with Chase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card Activation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why share your son's medical status with us? What relevance does it have?


Am not sure why such sophmoric & rude comments, regarding my issue helping my special needs son get his 1st credit card. But, thats your own demons to rectify.

Regardless, due to a technical issue with capital ones servers, everything has been proven, and my son has his card.

I hope the other 423 new customers that are complaining of similar issues get it fixed. God bless


What happened to taking your business elsewhere lolo


I did, as did my daughter, & husband, but like i specified and will again, its my sons card.


"Anonymous", works can tell by his/her snarky tone.Beyond rude about your son.You are a wonderful mom.Let this "trash" take itself out.Don't waste the energy.Wish you all the best and a lifetime of kindness.


Very strange for Capital One to request that from you, I have never been asked to submit such documents, ever.Anyways, as Judge Judy would say: "if it doesn't make sense, then it's usually not true".