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Capital One flagged my account as a security risk after using my credit limit of $20,000. Since they did that, i was not able to speak to anyone (at least a human being) or claim my rewards of 35,000 Miles which is about $300.

I paid the balance and never saw the rewards.

Stay away from them since they trick you with a high balance limit but you will not see your so called rewards.

Also, don't expect to speak to a human being about this. I was literately told to "pay the balance and F-off" by their security specialist or what ever Pam's title was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I wonder how you know that sad person "Pam". Hmmm?

I'll tell you how very obvious you do work for Capital One.

Thieves and crocks is what Capital One is. I am very happy so far, the negative feedback i have spread all over will cost you more to fix than stealing my reward points.

Enjoy it! Haha...


You dummy. Your little petty complaint About $300..

Won't cost anyone, anything. It doesn't need to be fixed. For every unhappy customer, there are 20 more happy ones taking their place. You know, you could have redeemed the rewards yourself on their website.

It's *** Like you who capitalone are happy to see go. I'm sure you call Cust service and expect them to care about "you".

They don't. You are just another rude person on the line.


Nice! another dip-chit from CapitalOne trying to discredit what i have to say.

They locked my account right after the 1st billing period. Yes, i did charge 20K in one shot and paid it in full. You know what forget the $300. Its the principal of honoring what you tell your clients.

I had few friends i know cancel Capital One. Folks with good credit do have the power to have a voice.

Keep your 20 new customers. I have taken this very personal and will continue to spread the word of thievery by CAPITALONE.


hahaha you are a fraudster thats why. Pams one of their highest level investogators. If your account was closed by her thats means you tried to scam the company.


Oops! I accidentally rated my own review as "***".

Well, i reported my situation to BBB two weeks ago. Capital One is so stuck on this and will not honor the points. Any ideas besides me complaining everywhere what i can do to make them honor my points? Anyone? :?