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I received a credit card in the mail from Capital one on April 3, 2011. I called to get a pin number and they gave me one over the phone.

I put it in my wallet like a fool. I went out and lost my wallet. I had over 300 in cash advances taken off my card that night. I called Capital One Immediately to tell them about the card being lost and they informed me of the charges and they did a fraud form.

This form took forever to get in the mail and once I got it, I filled it out and sent it in. I called about a week later and the RUDE *** on the other line told me that she don't know how I got a pin number and lost my card the same day and it sounds fishy to her. Um *** it happened. I've closed my Account with them.

They have put the charges on my card and they are saying I owe the money.

I feel like I don't want to even pay them. What can I do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Monetary Loss: $477.

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I'm being pursued by capital one for a credit card that i never had in the first place. My ex partner took the card out in my name after we separated and i've even sent proof to capital one that i didn't live at the address where the card is registered when it was taken out and they just seem to ignore me and still keep pestering me for the money.

They won't even speak to me on the phone as i can't give them the security information that they need as i never took the card out in the first place.

I laughed at them when they told me this because their security is so tight that they won't speak to you on the phone yet they'll send a card out to anyone without even checking that the person even lives at the address where the account is requested from. They're just out for what they can get and don't care about innocent victims.


And, by the last poster, I mean the one at the bottom for April 21st. lol


This last poster is an ***. The same thing happened to me. Its not because his card was used fraudulently, Capital One just SAYS our cards are used fraudulently.

It happened to me. I called in and asked if this was standard procedure for all new cards. They said: YES!

I am pissed!!!


Capital One needs to be investigated for internal identity theft. Got card...didn't have it but for a week.

Fraud alert put on it for no reason. Called them.They wanted driver's license copy, utilitty bill, and the kicker, paystub/1099/income tax form all this to prove it was me.

I told them to shove it when they would not accept just a utility bill and driver's license copy to prove my identiy. Why didn't they just call me before shutting down my card with fraud alert.


Santini, you should work for Capital One, this is the most fraudulent company i ever seen, but the problem here is not them or the others companies, the problem is the Gov in USA that allow this companies to do what they want


Go to your local police station and file a police report. Make sure you have the officer's name, case number and the phone number for the department.

Call Capital One back. Tell them that the charges are fraudulent and that you have filed a police report, and that based on this you do not feel you owe the money.

They are going to have you fax in the pertinent information, and they most likely have a form for that.

Because it involved your pin number, almost any bank will automatically deny it. You MUST get a police report in order to get past this default reaction.


Simple. Pay Capital One what you owe them.

YOU *** up...NOT Capital One.

Anyone ignorant enough to carry both the credit card AND the pin number together deserves to be held responsible. They don't get much dumber than you.