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I had ordered a $1300.00 TV online and what arrived was a Pinky Ring. I called Capital One and they assigned it to their Fraud dept.

After completing the paperwork they sent several times and paying to have it sent registered to the address they provided they told me that they were not going to persue because I had not responded to them. I have all signatures where the paperwork was delivered. Come to find out they had transferred this from their Fraud to their Dispute department but kept sending paperwork from the Fraud department with this address for me to mail to. When I asked why they didn't transfer the paperwork they said they could not do that and that I would have to remail the information.

Then they refused to pay for the signature delivery or reimburse for their mistake with the incorrect mailings they sent me. So I simply ran used my card till this time where I told them I would not make another payment unlessed they corrected their mistake. They did not and I quit paying distroyed the card at just under $5000.00 because they said they would report the $1300.00 to the credit reporting agencies unless I paid it. I therefore let them report the $5000.00 and will keep the rest of their money until they fix the problem.

They and collection agencies have called many times to collect but they will not get anything until they resolve what they were in error on first. I have all documentation to prove my position and have even obtained great credit cards since. The Credit Reporting agenies are just as much a fraud as the people who steal from credit card owners. Like gambling in Vegas people - it is all stack in their odds.

Credit Reporting agencies do not allow you to post what really happened so when your report is run it only shows that you didn't pay. Even when mine showed perfect payments on everything, including Capital One for 10 years, it makes no difference and you get 100 words to tell your story. WHAT A BUNCH OF ***!!!

I wish there was a way to sue these people for what they have done but it really isn't worth 15 thousand dollars to settle 4 thousand.

So they screwed my credit but they have not stopped my life. And I have enough of their money to pay for the extra interest that others have charged.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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So, you F-up. Made a purchase from a bogus website..

and you expect the credit card company to pay for your stupidity? Wow!

You are something else. Next time, visit Best Buy, Target or even Walmart because you shouldn't have an Internet connection or credit card.


You really need to learn how to summarize when you write. If you went on and on like this to Capital One it wouldn't surprise me if the employee who received your documents purposely threw it away. If you feel what they did was illegal people are able to sue credit card companies very easily in small claims court for only a $60 filing fee which will be refunded if you win your case.