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My issues with customer service started shortly after I submitted the application with the request of 3 other cards for our employees. I immediately noticed that although I had given all the Owners personal info, it did not list him as having a card to be issued. I just assumed that the company owner would be issued a card and therefore didn't add him to my additional card list.

I immediately called and was informed that since I didn't list him to have a card issued in my application one would not be issued. I tried to have his name added at that point, but was told their computer would not allow this and I would just have to wait until the other cards arrived to add any other card holders.

All of the cards were then incorrectly mailed to the Owners personal address and not the Business address itself. When I called to change it I was of course told that I couldn't have any access to any account info. I requested to speak to a Manager (waited 10 min for him to answer) and spent another 10 min to make him understand that the mailing address error was on their part not mine and that the correction should be made using the application and should not require special permission.

Because I did needed to make other changes to the account we did end up contacting the Owner to request his approval, but that this approval would only be for the day.

At that point I wanted to confirm that I would be able to increase our credit limit as was I was told in a previous call to Capital One prior to my application submittal. I was put on hold for 5 minutes and was then told it had been denied and that I would get the reason why in the mail in 5-7 business days. I needed to OK that with the Owner and asked if I could call him right back. He refused to give me his direct line, but assured me that he would make all the notes in our file, and that I could speak to any customer service agent.

When I called back 5 minutes later, I was once again told that I didn't have access to our account and the owner would have to call in himself. I immediately asked to speak to a Manager who also said he couldn't give me any info and that there were no notes in my file saying that I had previously called. He just kept saying that he would have to be contacted by the owner.

ARE YOU KIDDING??? I made him check a few times and he insisted that I had never called. There are some serious employee problems at "Capital One" Customer Service, no one seems to be on the same page. Everyone has a different answers to the same question. Honestly, this is the first compliant I have ever written. I like to give everyone the "benefit of the doubt", but this was just plain incompetence! Their award should be changed to "Incompetent Customer Service Award"

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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Capital One has the most complaints of all the major credit card issuers. Best to stay away from it.

They advertize alot, but all that does is deceive viewers into believing it is a good card to have.

It is not. Get a card from your bank or credit union instead.