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Capital One ruined my credit right as I was buying my house. I paid my card off three months ago and checked my account the following month verifying my zero balance.

The month after that they managed to charge interest of $3.03 after showing zero balance over a whole billing cycle following the payofc. I never received a bill. My wife received a call from the loan company saying our new home was falling out of escrow because two 30 day lates showed on my credit report which absolutely tanked it. Capital One even told me it was a calculation error.

I LOST MY HOME DUE TO THEIR $3 ERROR!!! If I had received my usual bill or even a phone call for a payment being late I would be moving into my newly built home in three weeks. They said they've straightened out the issue and are re-reporting on my credit, but it slammed my credit score by 40 points. My loan officer doesn't think the correction will fully restore my score in time to close on the house.

I am so distraught right now I can't think straight. My wife and I were buying our first home and if things don't work out over the next week I will lose my house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I received my card 2 weeks ago. I use two transactions for $7.50 and $34.51.

Made a quick collect payment on wed and had my account restricted until sunmit a copy od dl, ss# card and a bill.

They can kiss my ###. I going to apply for a chase card.


Welcome to the club. I paid off my account in full then they decided I owed 652 in defered interest three months later.

no calls no statements NOTHING until the call 3 months later and already reported on my credit score. They are oust to scam.