Edmonton, Alberta

I bought a U.S. Army collectible watch from Vietnam-turned out to be a fake.Ebay would do nothing, PayPal would do nothing so since it was a fraud I figured I'd try disputing the charge.

After I sent my facts in twice as told by the diputes people I got the the disputed claims manager & he said you keep sending in all this paperwork etc-yep that's what I questioned the staff about but was told to do it. After the manager got snooty I asked for his supervisoe which he said would do no good. I eventuallt talked to a nice lady and left a voice message for Mark of the Executive Response committee, who refunded the money but said if the seller came up with strong proof they would have to refund him but I would be told first.Feb/1/11 they took the money without notice and said it was mostly because I had not sent the item back(they had said not to in their letter) and now they want more proof it is a fake than before.I have filed a complaint with the omsbudman and the banking omsbudman but I don't think Capital One Canada wants paying customers, they want to help Vietnam prosper by selling fakes. Needless to say I have another card.

Watch bought Oct/11/10 & still fighting with capital One. If you can avoid their credit cards because if you dispute a charge they put you through ***.

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