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I opened my Capital One account 5 years ago. I paid each statement in full, and on time. Apparently this made me a bad customer in Capital One's eyes, as they were making nothing off of me (aside from the % they hold back from retailers).

During these 5 years, my account has been compromised twice, with fraudulent activity appearing on my statements. Both times, I was able to have the charges removed and a new card was issued.

More recently; for two months in a row, I received statements claming that my payment had been late. (I send all payments 9+ days ahead of the due date, just to avoid this kind of hassle.) Both times, I called up and had the late fees removed.

I just received my latest statement and they claimed to have never received my last payment. This of course triggered late fees, a penalty, and worst of all; a 'bad' incident on my credit report. "Livid" does not begin to address my state of mind upon seeing this. I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor to obtain my final payoff amount. I was assured that once that payment is received, the 'bad' notation will be reversed to 'good standing', but I am not holding my breath. I will monitor my credit reports and fight this if it is not removed.

I will be mailing my payoff amount this morning, and will send it certified receipt. I will also be going to the bank this afternoon to sign the stop-payment information on the check that Capital One claims they do not have.

If you currently have a Capital One account, I wish you the best of luck. If you do not have a Capital One account, congratulations.

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I've never had a credit card in my life. Well recently I had need to get my credit started and, was turned down everywhere and dint know why.

So hired an attorney to help, and, when they fullest my credit, Capital One was on my report saying I had a credit card w late payment.. so I started calling and researching, and.... they had been reporting my transactions on MY PERSONAL CREDIT REPORT! I'VE NEVER HAD A CREDIT CARD!

And I was never on her account! Is there a way I can sue them for ruining the last 7 years of my credit?! Anyone here an attorney that could tell me if I could sue their *** off? Id happily split the.award!

I can't get credit now, and, on top of that, I can't get any Capital One Employee to cooperate and fins a way to remove it! I've got a separate law firm doing that, hut, its the principle.behind it. They've ruined the.last 7 yrs of my life! Anytime I apply for ANYTHING I'm denied.

***, thanks to Capital One, I can't even get a secured credit card or loan. Any helpful attorneys out there that are sue happy? Send me a msg,!

They've ruined.the last ENTIRE decade of my life, and I can't get that back. Plus, what have I lost far as money in all the LOW interest rates I could've.gotten?