Houston, Texas

We have been a Capital One credit card holder for several years.......last summer, we left Houston, Texas for a cool climate for 30 days in the mountains of N. C. When we attempted after a couple of days to purchase a large amount of groceries, Capital One had put our card on fraud notice.....could not use the card. While in the grocery checkout line, I called the 800 number on the back of the card and got India....One of your hired Indians from India stated there was nothing wrong with our card. This happened one more time the next day. I then called a Capital One Bank in Houston and was given a local (804) phone number in Richmond to talk with someone in Richmond who knew what they were talking about...got it all handle in the great country of the United States.

Recently, I called the customer service number again...I did not get India...I got the Phillipines...same thing.....no help...did not understand what I was trying to explain.

Why do you companies do this???????All you do as your website states is *** OFF your customers.

This summer I am planning another trip for about three weeks to North Carolina...whom to do I call to tell?? that understands and can flag our account to keep in acitve and from being placed in fraud????

PLEASE HEPL!!!!!!!!!

James A. Rader

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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You haven't lived until this happens to you overseas after you have submitted a travel alert telling them you would be overseas. The instructions are to get a live international operator and place a collect call.

Pretty impossible to do that in Sweden these days. They absolutely refuse to resolve the situation in email. Capital One is in the Middle Ages here. If they had chip and pin codes as they do in Europe (you must enter the pin code when making purchases) there would be much less need for them to post silly fraud alerts.

By the way, the *culprit* appears to be a $267 charge made in Stockholm. The travel alert does say Norway and Sweden.

Some employee did not check to see that it existed and then placed the financial burden of resolving it on me. Thank you very much, Capital One


They did me the same way.....lol. What did they say when you didn't verify your information


My credit card agreement protects me from liability for fraudulent transactions, so when Capital One arbitrarily decides that I shouldn't have bought something I'm not grateful, but annoyed.


Gosh...read all of these.

Icouldn't even travel in my own state and use the card for gas and food, and then I was shut down with fraud alert

Capital One needs to be investigated for internal identity theft. Got card...didn't have it but for a week. Fraud alert put on it for no reason. Called them.They wanted driver's license copy, utili. bill, and the kicker, paystub/1099/income tax form all this to prove it was me. I told them to shove it when they would not accept just a utility bill and driver's license copy.


It all began with travel plans for a trip to Australia. In discovering that my bank, Wells Fargo, charges "foreign transaction fees" in the use of their card abroad, I did some internet searching and discovered that "Capital One" was recommended for a travel credit card because they don't charge "foreign transaction fees" for purchases abroad. Being an individual against credit cards, I went against my better judgement and applied for a Capital One Card. Since I don't already have a credit card, they approved me on January 17th, 2011 for a "secured Master Card" requiring a $200 deposit. I went ahead and transferred from my bank $250 so that I would have that amount to use for foreign transactions. Not hearing from Capital One for a month and a half, I became concerned. Finally I get a letter from Capital One to my home address stating that they put a temporary hold on my Capital One Account to make sure no one is using my Capital one credit card without permission. However, Capital One had not yet sent me a card. I received phone calls from their “fraud” department requiring me to submit a utility bill to prove who I am. Since I'm about to embark upon a journey abroad, I was renting a room from a friend pre-travel. Since I did not have a utility bill, as it was all inclusive in my rent. The agent then said I had to send my bank statement or my W2 forms. Invasive? Certainly. That they needed my Bank Account Statement or W2 form was none of Capital One’s business. If they were giving me a loan that might be different, but a secured card is me giving them money to loan back to me. I thought this was ridiculous. I told the agent this, he agreed, but claimed it was their policy.

He then claimed I could circumvent this by driving to any bank, preferably where my bank is, and have them do a visual identity check. I had to leave early from work to do this before the bank closed. Wells Fargo said they would not do that for other banks. I called back the agent who then said if I faxed my drivers license, passport, and/or social security card, it would remove the hold and Capital One would send me the card. I drove an additional 10 miles to a fax outlet, paid them $3 to fax Capital One a copy of my passport, drivers license, and social security card. The next day, Capital One stated these documents were received, but were not worthy of identity proof. Really? A US Passport? Drivers license? Social security card? They then stated they required a bank statement or W2 form. I stated I only wanted this account because Capital One doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, and I would be leaving soon for a trip to Australia. He said he found a “Chase bank” at 3306 Centennial Blvd in Colorado Springs who was willing to do a visual ID check. He even had a representative named “Krista” who said she would do it. So ONCE AGAIN, I leave work early, to drive 10 miles to this said bank, to make sure I arrive before the bank closes. The representative at Chase wasn’t informed that I did not have a bank account with Chase. Just like with Wells Fargo, they will not do a visual identity verification for another bank unless I was one of their clients. Again, Capital One had cost me “time away from work”, “expenses in gas and time driving, wear/tear on my vehicle, for useless trips. As this was the third trip they had caused me to drive when gas prices are at a stunning $3.30-3.50/gallon now? As my current rate of pay at the time was $26 an hour anyone could do the math to see that Capital One has already cost me more time than this card was worth.

Figuring if this is representative of the hassle that Capital One is going to give me in using their card, I don’t want the service. I told them to send me back my money. The representative said he didn’t know how and couldn’t. Really? Capital One representatives are not informed on how to do reversals? Send me back my money to the account it came from? If me, an average Joe can do it with credit card transactions I accept from clients through Quickbooks, I guarantee their agents could do it immediately. The agent suggested I dispute the charge with my bank to get my money back. I did this, and Capital One refused to release the funds as it is a valid authorized deduction. A couple of days later I receive the card stating I now owe “$29.00” for a membership fee. Really? Capital One charging me a membership fee for a service I cannot use? I call Capital One and they still state I cannot use the account or get a refund without sending my Bank Statement. I fax them my statement. It takes them 3 days to get back to me. I called their “Fraud” department. The Agent said they had received my bank statement, but my representative had to call me back to verify the account. On March 16th, I Faxed a letter to their office and mailed copies requesting full refund of money. I finally get in touch with them and on 3/17/11 I speak to their agent Shyr. She asks personal info again from me. She had the nerve to ask for my pin number for my debit card with Wells Fargo. Excuse me? She claims they cannot verify my bank information with Wells Fargo. She put me on hold for 20 minutes. Finally Capital One gets “Olivia” from Wells Fargo on the line. They warn me that the 3rd party on line exchanging sensitive information, I accepted for certain private information. Upon mentioning the claim # I did with Wells Fargo, Olivia ouldn’t pull up on her display, and then connected us 3-party with Chris at Wells Fargo claims. He notated the conversation and updated my claim. He was witness to “Shyr” stating they would return the money that day. I was put on hold for another 15 minutes while “Shyr” transferred me to “Kyle” of Capital One’s Retention / Account Closure department. He was very apologetic with my Capital One experience and said he submitted the transaction to refund my money. He stated it would take 5-7 business days to appear in my account. No refund was received by 3/28/11. So I contacted Capital One inquiring where is my money on 3/29/11. Agent "Joseph" said the previous Capital One representative should not have said 5 business days, For Joseph said it will take 2 billing cycles to return money. I told him this was not acceptable. Capital One had my money for over 45 days with no services delivered but hassle and waste of my time. I need my money back. I Told them I’m going to file complaints with state attorney office, Better Business Bureau, The Department of finance, etc. He promised that my funds would be returned electronically Friday at the latest on Monday that the account representatives are refunding my money now. On May 31st, I received a Refund check in the mail for $250. Relieved I Deposited it. I then receive on April 5th notice from my bank that Capital One put a stop payment on the refund check and now Capital One was charging me a return item fee. On 4/7/11 I called Capital One to find what was up. I spoke to Supervisor Lor and explained the situation – she said she doesn’t see a stop payment request so was investigating the matter. Nothing showing up in her computer. She took my direct deposit information and said she would get it straightened up but no action resulted by 4/21/11. Capital One has now stolen my money and has held it hostage for over three months and have not delivered product, services, only hassles and headaches. To all fellow travellers and individuals thinking about using Capital One - Avoid them at all costs. They are thieves. This article will be updated if and when action is taken to repair the damages done by Capital One - or if the fact that their action of holding my money hostage leaves me stranded while travelling abroad. I see a lawsuit in the making.

Thomas M. Baurley


my brother is going thru a divorce. his soon to be exwife continues to get a new card on this credit card that he new nothing about til sep 09.

he called them and fxed notice to close this account that he never agreed to and paid it off. he just discover that a new card was issued on this account.

he will be calling again and filing a police report. what more should he do??????


hey i worked for the fraud dept (located in CR not the phillipines...)What to do???? Call them in advance to let them know you`re gonna use the card out of your state or the US and that is it...

card won´t get declined... or so they say...


IHave you informed the company of your travel dates and location? This would lessen the instance of transactions being flagged.

We must be thankful enough that they monitor unusual transaction. (unusual amount of transactions or area where card was used.