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I entered into a car loan with Capitol One about 3 years ago... since that time, my income has dropped to 30 percent of what it was when I bought the car.

I kept up with my payments up until a few months ago, when I tried to refinance, and the refinancing was denied by other companies because Capitol One had reported my payments late, twice, when I had never been late. Since the time that the refinancing was denied, I fell behind a few months, but I called Capital One, and I was on the phone with them for about 2 hours, extending my loan, and the guy I spoke with told me that my account, from now on, would be reported paid, up-to-date, if only I would enroll my bank account and routing number for automatic bank drafts. Well, they've been drafting my payments, all right-- but they haven't reported any of my payments and have on file, ON MY CREDIT REPORT, they say that I haven't made payments, at ALL, in months. How do I stop these drafts??

Change my bank account?? It seems like now I am powerless over my credit, my money, and what I want to do with the car. I am totally over trying to make the payments, since my credit is going to *** (due to Capital One's faulty reporting) --- I am thisclose to dropping the car off to them and saying screw it. The damage has already been done.


Not to mention that, whenever I call them, I can't speak to a supervisor who can answer any questions.

This seems completely unprofessional...

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