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Here is my story:

I was VERY dissatisfied with the way I was treated by the Capital One representatives with regard to some fraudulent charges on my credit card statement and I am very suspicious about the way they handle business. By the way, I am an excellent customer.

In November/December 2007, I received a call from Capital One stating that someone was attempting to make charges to my credit card from Hong Kong. My card was cancelled and a new card was issued. This was the first time anything like this ever happened to me. There were no suspicious charges on my current bill and I never really made it a habit to scrutinize my bills on a monthly basis since I have never had fraudulent charges appear before. So when I received my end of year SUMMARY from Capital One in January/February 2008, I noticed that there were three charges made to my credit card that I know nothing about. One was on May 1, 2007 for the amount of $21.40, one was on July 4, 2007 for the amount of $123.90, and one was on August 6, 2007 for the amount of $123.90, for a total amount of $269.20. I immediately made copies of the charges and sent a letter explaining the suspicious charges. On Friday, April 11, 2007 I was transferred and put on hold numerous times. More often than not you could not understand the people you are talking to. I spoke with Florine, Charine (ID XNZJ966), Elizabeth, John, and finally Rudy (ID FQK130) who told me that a credit would be issued, my credit card would be cancelled, and a new one sent out. On Saturday April 12, I called Capital One again, and discovered what Rudy told me was a lie. My credit card was not cancelled and the charges were not removed. Again, I was transferred numerous times, to Sergio (WWE444), Alan (OPG134) and Mohammed (LAE734). I have reason to believe the names and ID numbers are all fictitious b-c you could never track anyone down again once you�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve hung up from them. Since nobody would help me and since this was the worst customer experience I have ever had, I told the last person I spoke with to cancel my credit card once and for all. But I am not done. I demanded credit for $269.20 for charges I did not make, and I wanted a letter of apology for the way I was treated from every person that transferred me and threw me back in Q. I intend on exposing Capital One and telling my story to as many people as possible and to shed light on the corrupt behavior of Capital One in an effort that it lessens the number of victims in the future.

A letter to the Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks at 1301 McKinney St Suite 3450 Houston, Texas 77010 quickly helped resolve my issue. I was issued a credit from Capital One.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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Please Help Me!! I am a Canadian and I've had charges going on my account of the exact same amount $30.33 ....

it's happened a bunch of times it now totals up around $250 !! I'v e been calling capital one for exactly 3 months now and each time they say they are going to get it investigated and that they can not take the charges off. I don't know why they don't believe me! It's complete BS and I am so pissed!!

I only owe $200 dollars of my own charges on the CC yet they won't let me get rid of the Credit card!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do next to force them to get rid of these charges???? 1 month ago i called "Disputes" and the man on the phone changed my credit card number. I said I didn't want the new card or want to know the new number at all.

This month (1 month later) There are 2 more charges on my account!!!!! And guess what they said they are still looking into it!!!!

GAHHHHHHHH!! - Please help me somebody!!


I am glad to read this. I will not open an account with Capitol One and nor will I allow any of my relatives.


:sigh I recently talked to Capitol One. Though I did not get the bad experience you had gone through, I must agree about not understanding the associate on the other line.

I was transferred 3 times, and was getting very frusterated about not being able to completely understanding what the person was saying to me. I got so tired of apologizing and asking them to repeat themselves..then their attitude about repeating...I just said screw it and hung up!