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I unfortunately have been with Capital one since 2007. I have had NOTHING but bad service and unresolved issues with this company.

I pay more if not double of what I am supposed to pay to them monthly (and I have the reciepts to proove it) and I recieve ATLEAST 20-30 phone calls a day for the past month saying that I owe them over 1,000.00 when I FINALLY get ahold of someone I ask them why I owe them money and they can't seem to tell me why. I ask to speak to a manager, again they can't tell me why I owe them money but they CONTINUE to say that I am late on my payments when I am not. I asked "how can I owe you money when I'm paying you more than I'm supposed too?!" Their reply -- Mam, we don't know, we will have to forward you to our black ops team... (which by the way never calls me, and they can never connect me.) They have several times also applied my car note to other's bills and in the past three months I have had 4,000$ worth of payments to payoff my car added onto my account and NOONE can tell me why...I'm livid.

It's not only ruining my credit but driving me insane! I'm trapped!

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To even have this problem you must have gotten behind! Why is this a newsflash?

Btw you really think a bank has a department called black ops? LOL