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Capital one, I can't possibly begin. But here is a recent summary; Ex-wife in divorce papers madee it so that I had to pay half of the loan off for a car in her name and I the cosigner.

I became disabled and barely have enough to live on, she sued me and won and now I have to pay her monies and the rest of the loan to Capital One.

Doesn't C.O. have to sue me? Anyways, I am court ordered to pay them $25 a month and C.O.

will not talk to me via phone, email or in writing. They will not give me receipts for payments or any information on the account what so ever. They cash my checks very quickly. This is causing me to go insane.

She will not communicate with me neither will her attorney. Yet if I don't pay I will be in contempt and go to jail, I go to jail I will jsut kill myself. Even though this whole mess is her fault. Capital One has not and will not give me any assistance of any kind.

What do I do, is there anyone out there that will help me that will help someone on disabilty with no money?

I hate Capital One, why don't we all on this complaint page get together and place a Class Action Lawsuit against Capital One for violating our civil rights. They have violated my rights as well as violated the court order as well as violated the:

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act as ordered by the FTC -Federal Trade Commission.

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Civil Rights??? Here is a thought, you entered into a loan based on repayment and are now whining b/c everyone expects you to do just that....it's not a violation of anything, i'ts called living w/in your means, being responsible, stop blaming others put on your big boy pants and pay your bills, we all do it!!!! :p


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