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I AM SO PISSED! I have never received such bad service my whole life!

This is a series of events that just keep getting worse. I lost my capital one card and asked for a replacement. It took several calls to have my card replaced because the person I spoke with kept confusing my card number with that of the other cardholders in the company. When I finally got the new card and I tried paying the balance using capital one's automated system, their computer says, "A new number has been assigned for this account. " It then transferred me to a customer service rep (or should I say anti-customer service rep) who was very rude. I told her that I was frustrated and that I wanted to be transferred to a supervisor. Several minutes later, a supervisor got on the line and asked what she could do for me. I told her that I was frustrated since this is the 5th time that has happened in 2 months. I told her that they need to improve their customer service and be more efficient. She started getting defensive and said that there is nothing wrong with their customer service in India. I said that if she is already getting defensive about my complaint and she is a supervisor, then I said that that is unfortunate because the supervisors are supposed to lead and be a good example. She got really sarcastic and said, " We have the best customer service in India!" I told her I disagreed, based on her attitude and several others before her. She huffed and puffed and snapped, " You can call back later when you are feeling happy!" Then she hung up. What a biyatch! I can not believe this woman! I can not believe why Capital One would outsource our jobs to countries like India, that don't even give Americans decent customer service. We need jobs in the US. We need to get back this customer service jobs that are being given away overseas and not being appreciated. And---- these people insult our intelligence and treat us like s---t! This is terrible and needs to stop.

NOTE: Google the words: Capital One complaints and you will find hundered, even thousands of complaints. It's time to do something about this situation. Either boycott Capital One or stop outsourcing jobs to India and elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $999.

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Yes, they outsource our jobs and keep in mind they just took billions of dollars in the banking bailout and paid their CEO millions in salary. I have had a Capital One credit card in years that I am closing.

They bought the bank I have used for years but I am moving my accounts to another bank as well. The reason is their corporate greed!


Forget Boycotts - you have to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

Otherwise they will never change and never close the call center in India.

No one speaks english so it is impossible to resolve anything.

Which I guess is why she said they have the best call center in India, they successfully stonewall customers!