Hartsel, Colorado
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Despite the fact I did not miss a pymt & paid ABOVE the minimum pymt EARLY each month, Capital One put me into collections, put a negative hit on my credit report, & cancelled my card!!!

They now refuse my pymts, unless made through the collection agency. After speaking with 3 supervisors at Capital One, I have been told they will still not accept my pymts directly, nor reverse the bad credit hit, nor reinstate my card.

They've also restricted me from making my pymts online directly to them, as I had been doing each month. Access now denied to my acct online.

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There is no actual brick and mortar building for this entity representing itself as a credit card company. It is strictly online but they refuse to accept emails while they send emails to which you CANNOT RESPOND.

Capital One will accept fraudulent charges and then insist you prove you did not authorize the charges.

How can you prove a negative? How can a person provide documents that never existed until after the charge is made and a criminal merchant who works well with Capital One submits vague "documents" purporting to be contracts.


I filed a BK on my home, which was DISMISSED. Cap One card was never included in that, & I've CONTINUED making above the minimum pymts.

THERE'S the whole story!

How is it Cap One can file a negative report on me & put me in collections, when I've continued my obligation with them?

I still have not missed a pymt with them.

Yet this is considered ok? To hurt my credit anyway?

The BK will drop off shortly, since it was dismissed, but the Cap One will not now, until they're paid off. WTF?

I suppose you find their outsourcing ok, too? :(


You're not telling the whole story. Why would any credit card company shut you down IF you were paying ontime every month and above the minimum amount due, as you say you've been doing. It doesn't add up.