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I typically run between $30-50k/month through my Capital One card and pay the balance every month. I am in the process of applying for a large loan within the next few days and wanted to be sure the balance would post to my credit report as close to zero as possible (obviously account balances have a big effect on credit scores).

I paid the balance down to zero but have $7200 in pending transactions scheduled to hit tonight which happens to be when my statement closes and my credit reports are updated. So I go online to make a $7200 payment and the system won't let me. So I call C1 and finally speak to the head supervisor Winston (Employee POS094; I wonder what POS is an acronym for) who tells me there is nothing they can do and they cannot take my payment until the transactions post. REALLY?

You won't take the money I already spent?

Long story short, when I go to apply for this loan to build a new office building my credit report will show $7200 in credit card debt (and probably dip my score by about 20 points) because the high school drop-outs at C1 are helpless and/or incompetent. Needless to say I will be cancelling this account as soon as my building loan closes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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I just had a horrible experience with POS094 Winston.

I called Capital One to transfer miles from a Visa to a MasterCard.

The next day my vendors are calling saying the MasterCard is declining charges. I find out that Capital One has cancelled the MasterCard. I call to tell them that I just wanted miles transferred to the MC and never requested the card to be cancelled.

I get Winston POS094, on the line and he says that the primary card holder called to cancel the card and there is nothing he can do and that all the miles on that card (a lot!!) will be LOST! I ask him, "Why would I transfer miles to a card and then cancel it, that doesn't make sense." He repeats, "The primary card holder called to cancel. We have a record of that call. There is nothing that can be done." I tell him again, I did not cancel the card. He repeats.... I try to explain again, He repeats..... Again and again, how ever I try to explain, Winston responds like he is reading a script "We have a record of the primary card holder calling to cancel....) I ask to speak to his supervisor and he says he doesn't have one, that he is the top person I can talk to. (Really??) This round and round goes on for quite some time until I am SO FRUSTRATED that I drop an F-Bomb. Winston says he is going to hang up on me for using bad language and that this call is being recorded. I say, "Great, since these calls are recorded, play back the call I made to transfer the miles and you will see that I didn't cancel the card." Winston says he doesn't have access to the calls (wait, isn't he the top supervisor?) and that his records show that the primary card holder called to cancel...... So, I hang up and call the Rewards Customer Service, ask for a supervisor and Guess What?!?, The card gets reopened and the miles are safe. Just that easy. Moral of the story. If you don't get the service you need, keep calling until you get someone with a brain.