Beckley, West Virginia

I recently was in a vehicle accident where my vehicle was a total loss. I have GAP insurance to cover what Nationwide will not.

Every time I have called Capital One to get documents my call is sent to a land so far far far away! No one ever understands what I am asking them to do! I have spent over 3 hours attempting to get a letter stating the pay off amount as of the day of my accident within 5 different phone calls! It's ridiculous that we pay such high interest rates and give these companies so much money, but they can't even offer decent customer service.

Capital One I will pay you off and cut you up! Piece of *** card and company!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Nearly every major company has relocated their customer service to India. Labor costs are significantly cheaper. Yes, their English is not the best, but this means that you need to listen closer and not be afraid to ask them to repeat what they have said.


My insurance company, Permanent General, has kept my claim open for over 3 months now, they did not even go and declared my vehicle a total lost, Capitol One repossessed my vehicle, sold it in auction for $2,500.00 and now wants to collect $12,000.00 from me when they never contacted my insurance or ask them anything about the claim. Now I'm stuck with a bad insurance company and a financial institution that is as worthless as only they can be with their customer service department.


i totally agree with. i also had my vehicle deemed total loss they received over 17000..

to pay off part of the balance and few days later they reported my loan as charge collection and skip trace in proggress when i have never made a payment late on the account. I have called to dispute that hopefully they fix this issue with in the next few days.


I also got into a total loss accident...and I didnt receive my payout until 5 months don the line... So I totally agree...service is unacceptable!!!!


FYI there are lots of call centers for capital one in the US, why do want to spread bs around the internet over something you don't even know for sure?

Why don't you do your homework first before you go spreading rumors around?