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For about 5 months my husband has been trying to close his Capital One account. He called and paid off the entire balance and asked to have the card cancelled.

Everything seemed fine, they said it was now cancelled. Soon after my husband started getting bills from Capital One with charges on the so called cancelled card. Charges he never made. He called Capital One again, this time some lady gave him a horrible attitude and told him yes the card is cancelled and yes there are still charges on the card...what the???

Charges were made after card was cancelled. Finally got through to someone who said they would clear it up for us, but now the card can't be cancelled because he overpaid balance of card. Convenient huh? So they now have to send us a check.

Okay, they do that and we are assured card was now cancelled. Well that was a lie.

He is still getting bills from them with service fees...the card was supposed to be cancelled, they said it was. STAY AWAY from Capital One.

Location: Agoura Hills, California

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what is it going to take for colorado attorney general to sue this company in a class action suit like west virginia did for violations of the law


Capital One is a JOKE! Similar problems as above!

Trying to close my account. Sent in my payment of $1,579.00 to close the account. THEY MAILED THE CHECK BACK TO ME, with a letter telling me that I can not change my terms. What the ???.

Of course, they added late fees and interest charges. Upon calling, that's a joke too, I had to get to someone I could understand and they told me they had no record of sending the check back but that they could take all of my personal information, including my bank account, routing number, etc. and pay it. No way would I give these people access to my bank account.

Nonetheless, they told me they waived all fees and to close the account now it is $1549.00. I'm afraid this will go on and on like I keep reading about this BAD company! This company is one bad apple, full of lies and cheatsand one of the worst I have ever seen in my 54 years of doing financial transactions. It appears after research, that there are so many similar reports on this company, that this company should have gone down years ago!

No one in government is paying attention to this out of control company. But no surprises here, as the current government administration is just as corrupt!

I have told several business associations, friends and family and will continue to do so. LOOSERS!


:( I have similar issues with Cap One. Last March (2007) I made a payment to my card for about 460.00 and they did not properly credit it to my card.

As a result, my card is over drawn by more than 600 dollars and has gone on my credit as a missed payment. Yet I have a letter from them stating that while they found proof of the payment, they did not properly credit it.

Now they claim the payment was returned, yet I faxed them 3 times a copy of the cashed check. So now over a year later my credit is screwed and all they do is lie to me and give me the run around.

I refuse to give in though, so my credit is tarnished, I am not paying again what I know I already paid over a year ago.


Do you know what I especially LOVE about contacting them?Half the time it is an outsourced call center that you reach, and end up speaking to Mandeep, claiming to be a Bob, and he doesn't speak proper english. Doesn't grasp the meaning of your call, and ends up doing nothing more than *** you off more, while refusing to transfer you to an AMERICAN counterpart.

I have an issue with companies outsourcing their work. WHy do they feel it is ok to send MY personal & financial information overseas to 3rd world countries? Two issues here. The security of my information & the total lack of customer service.

I will admit that many of them give it the "good old college try" however it loses something in translation. And trying does not help me, DOING does!


similar story to me. Card was fraudly charged for $100 and i never got myr money back.

It is almost half a year, they keep telling me the same story. lately i have to spend half a day on the phone.

They transferring my from one department to other, till i got disconnected. And every single person after transferring asking me the same questions.

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