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On Wednesday April 18th I received a deposit from the IRS to my Capital One prepaid MasterCard. My Acct.

was put on hold for "security purposes" (I never used this card before). Customer services asked for me to fax 3 forms of ID to unlock my Acct.I faxed my Passport,NYS ID and my Permanent green card the same day (April 18th) Customer service informed me that it would take 24 to 48 hours for the ID department to review my documents and to unlock my Acct. 48 hours went by and no results, Customer service forward my documents to the ID department on Friday April 20th. I called back Monday April 23rd.

and Customer service informed me that my Acct. was still on hold and that I needed to fax proof of address and my social security card, I faxed my CONED and National Grid payment slips and my social security card right away wishing for my Acct. to be unlocked... I called back before the day was over and customer service informed me that I needed to fax them " the whole bills " and that they couldn't read my social security card clearly (it was picture clear on my copy) I asked to speak to a supervisor and all he was able to say was " we can send the money back to the sender and you deal with them " I asked why was my acct.

was put on hold and what was the purpose of seen my whole bill if all my personal information is on the payment slip and he had no answer. I have spoken to over 5 customer services reps and over 5 supervisors and nobody can help...They also refuse to let me speak to the "ID DEPARTMENT" or to a manager.

worst customer service experience ever!!! wouldn't even recommend this service to my worst enemy.

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