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I opened a capital one debit card account at the beginning of the month. Received only a welcome email.

Was able to check my account online...up until the day I made a deposit. On the day my money was deposited, they decided to put a "hold" on my account AFTER they received the deposit. With no notification to me or anything. I had been checking my account consistently all during the day.

It wasn't until I stated getting error messages that I decided to actually call and see what the problem was. I was then told my account had been placed on hold would not be able to be verified until I physically faxed id verification into the company. I was not told this at sign up nor at any point before all my funds were deposited. I feel as if this company has committed fraud.

I received no email or info implying I would need to send in additional verification, neither at sign up nor when I called to activate the card.Why accept the deposit. HOW do you accept a deposit if the account is in holding status???? I now still have no access to my money and will not until I fax in documentation.

Banks seem to have alot of hidden rules. I will never again use anything with the capital one name to it and I am going to suggest to anyone thinking of using their services to find a different choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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I PAID 90 pounds for a loadable capital one card as I did NOT want any more debt and my credit rating was bad. The idea was to load it before going on holiday so I couldn't spend what I didn't have! I now OWE over 370 and have a debt agency chasing me!


How does the Law allow these crox and scam from Capital one to screw us like that with there drama Prepaid Card ,pleas stop Them we have our own stress from jobs and life to be Touchers by these Big snakes as Capital ,stop there Mail stop There offers its Really sad what they doing to pepole of America


They are frauds and cheats, they used the capital one prepaid account to illegally obtain my employer info via direct deposit. then proceeded to go after me for garnishment of a collection account for a "capital one credit card" garnishing 25% of my disposable income while I had been unemployed and was only recently back at work and one a payment plan with Capital One Auto to get my car payment back up to date.

needless to say that plan fell through based on capital one's own garnishment....all this after illegally using my direct deposit information in a collection attempt..they are bottom feeders, cheats, and frauds, and we need to wake up in this country to the fact that "human nature" the dark sides of it, are not the worst problem we have...cuz most humans have a good side too...what about Corporate nature, especially as it pertains to Banks.

Cold Blooded, Cowardly(with the passive aggressive hidden rules, fees, down right theivery)..and no "good" side to soften the blow. Fundamently, it is OUR money why the banks exist at all...and they act like they are doing you a favor when they let you withdraw a portion of your money daily, etc., etc., and anyone out there who doesn't feel me...think about if you had a friend hold some of your money for you and you even let him invest it and keep most of the profits he made from the investments and give you a small token of appreciation like 1.3%, and now imagine he is gonna act like a bank to you when you came a calling for your long would it take for a fist fight to break out??


Just saw that after March 31 2013 the capital one prepaid program will cease to exist. Was told that I would need to contact those who provide direct deposit to my account to find another option. Now, I still have 3 months of ACH payments in my capital one prepaid account that are still being held because of security reasons. ( After sending everything including mothers death certificate) and they still request more documentation. But, it didnt stop them from accepting the ACH payments. Had to file the following,

Small Claims

Then when ruled in my favor

Had to hire Lawyer to Force them to honor ruling as they have the right to appeal, (HUH)

Capital One Lost on Appeal

They need proof of Idenity before releasing funds (WOW)

Recieved Documentation and Still havent gotten funds.

Capital One Announced that the PrePaid Program will terminate on March 31th. Cannot load funds on card after March 1st. (I dont believe it)

Its Sampson vs Goliath :sigh


So everyone's upset because they are asking for more information to PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT and prevent fraud? They did it to my card also.

Called, gave them info, account opened, no problem. I was a bit miffed at first, but I'd rather give out more info and not end up having money stolen by debit/credit card identity theft.

Wake up, people. :roll

Don't care much for the company either, but it provided a useful service for what I needed at the time.


Somehow, it seems by the post that Capital One has or someone associated with Capital One has decided to post very questionable information. How does one customer out of thousands who are all saying the same thing get such stellar service?

Sure its Capital One that you are dealing with?

Because its not the one WE are familiar with. :x


its sound your one of there employer sticking up for them , this bank is puer thief might run by mafia who knows to do dirty jobs like this to clints ,da *** with you also :(


i apply for capita one secured card on line .after 2 weeks many letters saying our customers fruad protection department trying to reach you we place hold on your account .another letter say charge fee $99 .and the card not active yet or been used .........this capital one is *** and crox thiefs behind it to do somthin like that they should open it *** shop they not made to do banking ,,bank is respecful place,not these animals dont ever reply or fill applycation there u well sufer as i did on top of it u treat as crnimal and racses abd projedest what i go throw with that *** bank *** ride of life :zzz


This is *** They ask you to mandatory fax in your id and your social when it is not on the list of documents required. Capital one debit card Scam!

Scam! Scam!


The same problem here!! Since I activated my card, I'm not able to access to my account at all. I'm not able to contact anyone at the given number back of the card, just a programmed machine. I called Cap.One bank Cust. Service on different numbers, all of them were very nice, helpful, but they have no information about me at all or my card, like it doesn't exist. I made a deposit, and after numerous trying to access I received this message:

Account Suspended

For security purposes, your account has been disabled. Please call Capital One Online customer service at 1-866-532-9632.

I have no idea where to turn???????


On Wednesday April 18th I received a deposit from the IRS to my Capital One prepaid MasterCard. My Acct.

was put on hold for "security purposes" (I never used this card before). Customer services asked for me to fax 3 forms of ID to unlock my Acct.I faxed my Passport,NYS ID and my Permanent green card the same day (April 18th) Customer service informed me that it would take 24 to 48 hours for the ID department to review my documents and to unlock my Acct. 48 hours went by and no results, Customer service forward my documents to the ID department on Friday April 20th. I called back Monday April 23rd.

and Customer service informed me that my Acct. was still on hold and that I needed to fax proof of address and my social security card, I faxed my CONED and National Grid payment slips and my social security card right away wishing for my Acct. to be unlocked... I called back before the day was over and customer service informed me that I needed to fax them " the whole bills " and that they couldn't read my social security card clearly (it was picture clear on my copy) I asked to speak to a supervisor and all he was able to say was " we can send the money back to the sender and you deal with them " I asked why was my acct.

was put on hold and what was the purpose of seen my whole bill if all my personal information is on the payment slip and he had no answer. I have spoken to over 5 customer services reps and over 5 supervisors and nobody can help...They also refuse to let me speak to the "ID DEPARTMENT" or to a manager.

worst customer service experience ever!!! wouldn't even recommend this service to my worst enemy.


Thank God i'm not alone. I made a small payment and my Bank claims Capital One never submitted it.The the payment didn't go thur and I stated to the customer service representative resubmitted it.

The payment went through fine and they went put a hold on my card. They have my banking information, my address and every thing else. THIS IS FRAUD! Stop it capital One!

I'm not paying any more money!

Stop stealing. You hae my payments!